“Potential Economic Catastrophe: How China’s Invasion of Taiwan Could Impact the Global Semiconductor Industry and Economy”

2023-05-04 21:00:00 [ワシントン 4日 ロイター] – Director of National Intelligence Haynes, the top US intelligence agency, said on the 4th that if China invaded Taiwan, the production of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC), the largest contract manufacturer of semiconductors, would stop, and for several years after the invasion began, the world would be in … Read more

“Rockets Trade Rumors: Probability of Trading Jaylen Green for Superstar and Salary Analysis”

2023-04-30 03:22:00 Original title: What is the probability that the Rockets will trade Jaylen Green as a bargaining chip in exchange for a famous superstar? Recently, according to a report by American reporter Jake Fischer, according to sources, the Rockets proposed the idea of ​​​​trading Jaylen Green to get a famous superstar. Harden and Middleton … Read more

“New Advertising Code for Foodstuffs: No More Ads for Ice Cream and Chips for Children”

2023-04-24 04:30:00 No more ads for ice cream and chips for children! At least, within a few weeks. From June 1, the world of marketing is indeed forced to respect new restrictions in terms of advertising to the youngest. Read also Faced with overweight and morbid obesity, the Weight and Health Clinic exists at the … Read more

Its importance is great… Between China and America, who controls the electronic chip industry?

′′ We invented it and we will recover it ′′ With this phrase, US President Joe Biden, during his visit to a semiconductor factory in North Carolina, charted the next phase of events in the global electronic chip industry. What the US President said a few days ago is not just a small detail, but … Read more

Bloomberg: US to tighten rules on exporting chip equipment to China

The White House is developing new restrictions on the export of semiconductor manufacturing equipment to China. This, according to the US presidential administration, will prevent Chinese industry from creating its own chips, reports Bloomberg with reference to sources. The US presidential administration told manufacturing companies that the new measures would be officially announced in April. … Read more

“Something a little more explicit…” (photos)

We told you this Monday morning: unwittingly, a Briton ate a 113,000 euro crisp. Indeed, the Walkers brand recently launched a competition on social media, indicating that anyone who finds a fried potato slice in the shape of a heart could win £100,000. Read also Unwittingly, she eats a 113,000 euro crisp: “It could have … Read more