Intel receives historic investment from Joe Biden’s government to produce cutting-edge chips

The government of Joe Bidenthrough the United States Department of Commerceawarded to Intel an $8.5 billion grant in direct financing for commercial projects of semiconductors under the CHIPS Act y Science. In that sense, it was reported that the financing of the CHIPS Act is intended increase semiconductor manufacturing in the neighboring country to the … Read more

Raffi Ahmad’s Son Rayyanza 2nd Birthday Celebration and Development Updates

2023-11-28 16:46:00 – Raffi Ahmad feels grateful because many people have given greetings and gifts to his son Rayyanza Malik Ahmad, who has just celebrated his 2nd birthday. Several times Rayyanza received birthday surprises, one of which was from the music group RAN who also gave him a bicycle as a gift. “Today we … Read more

What is TSMC, how important is it to technology

2023-09-18 00:30:47 TSMC, or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, is one of the largest and most influential companies in the technology sector in the world. Founded in 1987, TSMC has distinguished itself as one of the leading semiconductor manufacturing companies. TSMC’s main activity is the manufacture of semiconductor chips, which are fundamental components in a wide … Read more

Qualcomm and Apple agree to supply iPhone chips until 2026 | ECONOMY

2023-09-11 14:58:10 Qualcomm, the largest supplier of cell phone chips, said Monday that it will supply giant Apple with modem chips for launches of its iPhone models through 2026. “Qualcomm Technologies has signed an agreement with Apple Inc. to supply Snapdragon 5G Modem-RF systems for smartphone launches in 2024, 2025 and 2026. This agreement reinforces … Read more

Federal Ministry of Economics Rejects State Funds for Nexperia in Hamburg Due to Chinese Connections: The Nexperia Case and Germany’s China Policy

2023-06-09 11:57:00 Berlin The Federal Ministry of Economics of Robert Habeck (Greens) does not support the chip manufacturer Nexperia with its plant in Hamburg with state funds as originally planned. The ministry announced on Tuesday that the EU Commission had approved funding for 31 chip projects in Germany. In December 2021, the ministry had submitted … Read more

“Potential Economic Catastrophe: How China’s Invasion of Taiwan Could Impact the Global Semiconductor Industry and Economy”

2023-05-04 21:00:00 [ワシントン 4日 ロイター] – Director of National Intelligence Haynes, the top US intelligence agency, said on the 4th that if China invaded Taiwan, the production of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC), the largest contract manufacturer of semiconductors, would stop, and for several years after the invasion began, the world would be in … Read more

“Rockets Trade Rumors: Probability of Trading Jaylen Green for Superstar and Salary Analysis”

2023-04-30 03:22:00 Original title: What is the probability that the Rockets will trade Jaylen Green as a bargaining chip in exchange for a famous superstar? Recently, according to a report by American reporter Jake Fischer, according to sources, the Rockets proposed the idea of ​​​​trading Jaylen Green to get a famous superstar. Harden and Middleton … Read more