Riga received millions of euros, which it will spend on traffic lights, asphalt and bump stops

14.5 million euros for road improvement and traffic safety. Of these funds, 3.6 million euros will be used to finance projects for which contracts were previously concluded in order to complete their implementation. And 10.9 million euros are planned to be invested in financing new projects. Of these, 4.4 million are for reworking the existing … Read more

The national government released payments for $8.9 billion

2023-12-15 23:40:29 The Ministry of Infrastructure reported that payments for a total of $8.9 billion were released today for urban and suburban passenger automobile transportation, which updates the commitments of the national State. The portfolio led by Minister Guillermo Ferraro reported that the transferred amount “is distributed between the tariff compensations of the Buenos Aires … Read more

Boosting the EU’s Wind Energy Sector: Addressing Foreign Subsidies and Ensuring Cybersecurity

2023-10-24 17:00:27 This article was originally published in English An action plan unveiled on Tuesday to boost the EU’s wind energy sector could trigger investigations into foreign subsidies where they are proven to have harmed the European industry. ADVERTISEMENT The proposals announced by the European Commission aim to protect the European Union’s wind energy sector … Read more

Crucial Aid for French Winegrowers: Crisis Distillation and Compensation Program

2023-08-25 16:14:04 Par Margot Ruault Posted 3 hours ago, Just Updated The initial envelope was 160 million euros for 3 million hectoliters distilled, but the professionals pleaded for an extension. VIKTOR CAP / lightpoet – stock.adobe.com Faced with the drop in consumption of red and rosé wines, this aid to the wine sector, qualified as crisis … Read more

Fishers organisations ask govt not to ratify ‘unequal’ WTO pact on fisheries subsidies

2023-07-24 16:19:11 As many as 43 civil society organisations and trade unions have written to the Commerce & Industry Minister Piyush Goyal stating that the fisheries subsidies agreement being ratified at the WTO will not be favourable for Indian fishing communities and that New Delhi should get together with other developing nations to ensure that … Read more

Understanding the La Patria Bonds: Beneficiaries, Notifications, and More in Venezuela

2023-07-12 22:22:40 The Government of Nicolás Maduro usually provides bonds to citizens who are vulnerable due to the coronavirus pandemic and the strong economic, humanitarian, political and social crisis in which the country is going through. WHO ARE THE BENEFICIARIES OF THE LA PATRIA BONDS IN VENEZUELA? The bonds that are delivered by the Patria … Read more

Lebanon’s Import Bill 2022: Revealing Inconsistencies and Priority Shifts

2023-07-10 15:54:56 In a thematic report entitled Lebanon’s Import Bill: Jewelry Before Baby Formulapublished on July 5, the NGO Mercy Corps highlighted the inconsistencies revealed by the examination of Lebanese imports in 2022, compared to the context of the crisis that the country has been going through since 2019. “During economic crises, imports are usually … Read more