Oserdów. The witness saw a rocket fly over Poland. 30 seconds of horror – Straight up

The whole thing lasted about 30 seconds, but Sunday’s incident will remain in the memory of the residents of Oserdów and the surrounding area for a long time. Witnesses of the event report what happened when a rocket launched by the Russian Federation flew over a village located a few hundred meters from the Ukrainian … Read more

‘Kairos’: A private Japanese rocket explodes in the air as soon as it takes off | Science

The Japanese rocket Kairos, which aspired to be the first operated by a private Japanese company to put a satellite into orbit, exploded this Wednesday shortly after its first launch attempt, when its self-destruct mechanism was activated due to a technical problem. The failed launch took place at 11:01 GMT this Wednesday from a platform … Read more

Blue Origin successfully returns to space, one year after an accident

2023-12-19 17:21:09 A Blue Origin New Shepard rocket took off from Texas on Tuesday, more than a year after an accident. A success which marks the return to space of the American company founded by billionaire Jeff Bezos. Published on : 19/12/2023 – 18:21Modified : 19/12/2023 – 18:55 3 mn A second successful attempt. Blue … Read more

NBA Evening News | Hot Games and Post-Match Interviews | Latest Updates and Gossips

2023-11-29 14:43:00 Original title: NBA Evening News|The Warriors are dissatisfied that Wiggins and Clay are trapped in contract negotiations and are being rejected for pursuing their dreams. Hello friends who follow the NBA! There are a total of 8 NBA games on November 29, of which 3 have attracted more attention. The Thunder and Timberwolves … Read more

Escalation on the Lebanese Border: Surface-to-Air Missile Shot Down near Haifa

2023-11-25 00:51:00 The occupation army announced that it shot down a “surface-to-air” missile, launched from Lebanese territory towards its march in the sky of an area near Haifa in northern occupied Palestine. The occupation said: The interception operation took place inside Lebanese territory, but videos broadcast on social media sites show that the interception operation … Read more

Overcoming Challenges: NASA’s Ambitious Plans to Launch Rockets from Mars

2023-10-22 12:00:00 Written by Heba Al-Sayed Sunday, October 22, 2023 03:00 PM NASA has achieved a series of successes in recent decades with regard to missions to Mars, as all of its Spirit, Opportunity, Phoenix, Curiosity, InSight, and Perseverance missions have successfully landed on the surface of Mars, but the agency’s upcoming plans for Mars … Read more

Revolutionizing Space Launch: The Future of Rocketry with SpinLaunch and Eco-Friendly Technology

2023-10-20 23:00:00 Spin Launch, an aerospace startup, is developing technology to launch a projectile by placing it in a large vacuum centrifuge and then rotating it quickly and throwing it. Provided by SpinLaunch When thinking of a launch into space, most people think of a ‘rocket’ that emits an intense flash of light. The reason … Read more

Iran and Qatar’s Support for Hamas in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Latest Updates and Analysis

2023-10-07 13:30:06 Riyadh: Iran and Qatar have declared their support for Hamas in the military operation against Israel. Iran has announced that it appreciates the Palestinian fighters who bravely attack Israel. This was announced by the adviser of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Iran’s position is that it will stand firm with the Palestinian … Read more