“Potential Economic Catastrophe: How China’s Invasion of Taiwan Could Impact the Global Semiconductor Industry and Economy”

2023-05-04 21:00:00

[ワシントン 4日 ロイター] – Director of National Intelligence Haynes, the top US intelligence agency, said on the 4th that if China invaded Taiwan, the production of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSMC), the largest contract manufacturer of semiconductors, would stop, and for several years after the invasion began, the world would be in danger. He warned that up to $1 trillion could be wiped out of the economy each year.

In testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Haynes said advanced semiconductors made by TSMC are used in 90 percent of nearly every type of electronic device around the world. If Taiwan were to be invaded by China and TSMC’s chip production halted, “for the first few years, the global economy would be impacted by $600 billion to $1 trillion annually,” he said.

In addition to the US gross domestic product (GDP), China’s economy will also be affected, he said.

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