“Rockets Trade Rumors: Probability of Trading Jaylen Green for Superstar and Salary Analysis”

2023-04-30 03:22:00

Original title: What is the probability that the Rockets will trade Jaylen Green as a bargaining chip in exchange for a famous superstar?

Recently, according to a report by American reporter Jake Fischer, according to sources, the Rockets proposed the idea of ​​​​trading Jaylen Green to get a famous superstar. Harden and Middleton have always been the goals of the Rockets.

Subsequently, the Rockets forwarded relevant news to team reporter Jackson Gatlin, and wrote: “The source said that the report about Jaylen Green is nonsense.”

So, is it possible for the Rockets to get an active star by trading Jaylen Green?

Can we analyze and interpret this matter through multiple dimensions?

From a salary point of view, the Rockets selected Jaylen Green with the second overall pick in 2021 and signed him with a four-year rookie contract of $40.81 million, of which the second two years of this contract are team options. The contract value for next season is 9.89 million US dollars. This rookie contract is relatively close to the full middle-class salary below the salary cap in the current league.

This season, Middleton’s contract is $35.6 million. This contract was signed in the summer of 2019. The contract amount is $178 million for five years. This contract expires in 2024.

This season, Harden’s contract is $34.3 million. He renewed his contract with the 76ers during the offseason last year. The contract amount is $68.6 million for two years. The second year of this contract is a player option. Harden has a high probability of jumping out of the player option, becoming a free agent, and re-signing a multi-year high-salary pension contract.

The Rockets want to get Harden or Middleton through a trade. If Jaylen Green is used as a bargaining chip, Green will definitely not be able to exchange for Harden or Middleton because of the unequal salary. Jaylen Green ($9.89 million) ) + Kevin Porter Jr. ($15.86 million) can almost trade Middleton or Harden.

From the perspective of salary reciprocity, if the Rockets want to get Harden or Middleton through a trade, the guaranteed bargaining chip is Jaylen Green + Kevin Porter Jr. If the Rockets reverse the pick, it is also possible.

However, the future contract between Middleton and Harden is full of many uncertainties. Although Harden signed a two-year contract with the 76ers last summer, the second year is a player option, and Harden has a high probability of not executing it.

From the perspective of the 76ers, given Harden’s current competitive state and age, the contract is in a very embarrassing situation. If it is too big, it may easily lead to Harden’s degradation and lead to a garbage contract. If it is too low, Harden may not necessarily Will renew the contract. After all, this summer, there are not many big-name players in the free market. The Rockets can use the salary space to sign Harden naked. It’s too early to say how far the 76ers can go in the playoffs and Harden’s performance in the playoffs. If the Rockets get Harden through a trade and use Jaylen Green as a bargaining chip, from the current point of view, it must be The worst of the worst.

As far as Middleton is concerned, if the Rockets acquire Middleton through a trade, the Rockets will face the dilemma of renewing Middleton next summer. On the one hand, Middleton is already 32 years old, and Middleton’s age may decline. On the other hand, in this season’s playoffs, the Bucks were blacked out by the Heat, Middleton defended Butler, and was blown up by Butler, and the reputation is also declining.

The Rockets traded for Middleton, and using Green as a bargaining chip is not the best plan.

So, is it feasible for the Rockets to replace Jaylen Green with other famous superstars in their prime?

First of all, we need to understand Jaylen Green’s status in the Rockets and Jaylen Green’s current market value.

Since being selected by the Rockets with the second overall pick in 2021, Jaylen Green has been the team’s scoring leader, the team’s player with the most shots per game, and the top 2 players in playing time.

From these three data alone, it can be concluded that the Rockets are focusing on cultivating Jaylen Green and treating him as the core of the team.

Judging from the current overall performance of Jaylen Green, Jaylen Green has the potential of a super scorer, but he does not show the core of the team, the temperament of the team leader, let alone the influence of the potential core of the team.

Green’s main problems are that the offensive end is unstable, the defensive end has become the team’s lower limit, and he can become a super scorer, but he does not have the aura and responsibility of the leader and core. The defensive end is the team’s weakness, the ability to read the game, and The savvy and understanding of basketball is not outstanding.

Jaylen Green basically belongs to the representative of high upper limit and low lower limit at the same time. If Green can realize his talent, then Green will definitely become the star of the league in the future. If Green does not understand, then Green will become extremely unstable offensively. Defense is a tasteless player who is the team’s weakness, and it is basically difficult to survive in the league.

Whether the Rockets trade Green mainly depends on how high the Rockets think Jaylen Green can reach the upper limit in the future, how low the lower limit is, and how likely it is to be away from the lower limit.

For now, the Rockets currently trade the two most valuable players in Jaylen Green and Jabari Smith Jr.

If the Rockets think that Jaylen Green will develop towards the lower limit in the future, the Rockets may choose to trade Green. If the Rockets think that Green will develop towards the upper limit in the future, then the Rockets cannot trade Green.

For Jaylen Green’s future expectations and current assessment, the most important thing at present is the Rockets’ new coach Udoka’s current cognition of Jaylen Green, as well as the idea of ​​​​the use of Jaylen Green, and his future judgment. Duka believes that Green will be embarrassing in the future, and there is a high probability that he will be lost. Uduka is not optimistic about Green’s prospects, but there is a possibility of trading Green.

However, if Green can become a superstar in the future, then the status of a superstar must be higher than that of the head coach. That is to say, even if Udoka is not so optimistic about Green’s future, the Rockets will not give up Green so easily.

On the one hand, the Rockets have focused on training Jaylen Green for two seasons, with a lot of playing time and the accumulation of shots. The Rockets have spent a lot of money on Green, and the Rockets will definitely not give up Jaylen Green at the moment, at least 3-4 After the end of the season, if Green is still unable to play, the Rockets may give up. On the other hand, if the Rockets think that Green’s future ceiling is higher and he can fulfill his talents, between Udoka and Green, the Rockets have a high probability. Will choose Green.

More importantly, the current trading of Green is the lowest cost performance, and Green is still at the bottom of the value, which is not the best time to trade Green. From this perspective, it is impossible for the Rockets to trade Jaylen Green this summer, at least next year. Before the summer, it is impossible for the Rockets to trade Jaylen Green.Return to Sohu to see more


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