Watch.. an old story of the owner of a “shop” in Najd, his friend accused the farmer of stealing his money… and after the latter returned the money to him, he was surprised by what he did not expect.

Al-Marsad newspaper: The narrator, Abdullah Al-Mukhalid, told the Al-Ajaweed program on Al-Majd channel, the story of a shop owner who accused his friend who visited … Read more

Fraport and TAV make advance payment for new operating concession at Antalya Airport

The upfront payment of EUR 1.8125 billion represents 25 percent of the total concession fee of EUR 7.25 billion (excluding VAT) payable over the entire … Read more

Thousands in Hong Kong volunteer to adopt hamsters amid COVID-19 fears

HONG KONG, Jan 19 (Reuters) – Thousands of people in Hong Kong volunteered on Wednesday to adopt unwanted hamsters after a mass cull order from … Read more