Karla Panini lied: Maryfer Centeno assures that it did ‘hurt’ her to become a global trend after controversy over the Karla Luna case

The comic duet ‘Las Lavanderas’ separated in 2014, weeks after Karla Luna discovered the alleged infidelity of her then husband, Américo Garza, with whom she believed was her best friend, Karla Panini. (Credit: Youtube@Isabel Lascurain Open the box // Instagram: @kpaninimx) The controversial story of ‘Las Lavanderas’ was revived in 2024 thanks to the South … Read more

Why Are Prices Higher in Belgium? Factors Explained and Impact on Cross-Border Shopping

2023-12-19 17:33:00 What explains this price difference? First, the bottle tax. This is a 10c/L contribution on the product packaging. This tax does not exist in France, and therefore directly impacts the difference in the final amount. Then, VAT is slightly higher on our side of the border. Finally, note the soda tax in force … Read more

Signs of Bone Cancer: Discover the 3 Less Obvious Symptoms According to the NHS

2023-07-20 04:22:11 Al-Marsad newspaper: The British National Health Service has revealed 3 signs that may indicate that a person has bone cancer, which is a “rare” form of the disease. The NHS explained that bone cancer is pain caused by bones that usually begins with a feeling of weakness in the affected bone. This gradually … Read more

The real Promise Nine to be unlocked with the first full album

2023-06-05 06:16:02 Reporter Lee Deok-haeng of Money Today Reporter ize | 2023.06.05 15:16 /Photo = Pledis Entertainment For all artists, regular albums have a special meaning. From the number of tracks included in the album to the completeness of the title song to the theme consciousness that runs through the album, it is different from … Read more

“Chen Xi’s Resignation and Political Intrigue: Uncovering the Mystery of China’s Central Committee”

2023-04-26 22:22:03 [Voice of Hope April 26, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Han Mei) According to the official website of the Central Party School of the Communist Party of China, Chen Xi’s resume has changed in April this year, and his position has changed from the head of the Central Committee and the principal of … Read more

“May God make Ramiz Jalal the one who made you celebrate these celebrations.” Watch the announcer’s reaction • Al Marsad Newspaper

2023-04-25 12:46:05 Al-Marsad Newspaper: An Egyptian resident surprised the announcer of the Saudi channel while commenting on the Eid activities in Hail. And the resident said: “May God let Ramiz Jalal let you do these celebrations.” The announcer responded with astonishment to the resident’s comment: “Ramez Jalal ?!” And the Egyptian resident returned: “Oh, he … Read more

The religious authority has clear positions in support of the political process », the Iraqi News Agency

Baghdad – consciousPrime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani affirmed that the positions of the religious authority are clear in supporting the political process, while revealing the details of signing the memorandum of understanding with Siemens. To receive more news, subscribe to our channel on Telegram Al-Sudani said in the press interview he conducted with the German … Read more