The religious authority has clear positions in support of the political process », the Iraqi News Agency

Baghdad – conscious
Prime Minister Muhammad Shia al-Sudani affirmed that the positions of the religious authority are clear in supporting the political process, while revealing the details of signing the memorandum of understanding with Siemens.

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Al-Sudani said in the press interview he conducted with the German (DW) channel, followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that “the field of electricity is the subject of previous continuous cooperation between Iraq and Siemens, and a memorandum of understanding that includes projects in the fields of production, transportation and distribution, followed by the signing of contracts in Baghdad.” He stressed, “We have prepared the financial allocations for the implementation of the memorandum, which differs from previous memorandums of understanding, as securing the financial allocations was the most important obstacle.”
He added, “We need more projects than contracts with Siemens, and there are national companies and other companies, and the problem is not only related to production, but rather to improving the transportation and distribution process, and this is part of joint ventures with Siemens,” pointing out that “corruption was one of the factors in the failure to advance the sector.” electricity, as well as poor planning and security incidents that affected all plans.”
He continued, “In 2013, we reached advanced levels in securing electricity in all governorates, but the terrorist ISIS page and the subsequent unfortunate events affected a large percentage of projects,” pointing out that “the government’s direction is clear in combating corruption, and putting money in Its rightful place is in clear projects and sound procedures.
And he indicated that “one of the problems is that the gas associated with most of the oil production is burned, while Iraq is forced to import gas to secure the operation of power plants,” stressing, “The volume of associated gas is large, and it can contribute to generating more than 7,000 MW, which is frankly a burning of money.”
And he went on to say: “We are keen to enhance security cooperation with Germany, and the advisory team is still present in Iraq within the international coalition and the NATO mission, and we are conducting a dialogue to determine the time limits for cooperation in the field of training, advice and information support,” noting that “the war against terrorism requires the continuation of this communication.” and cooperation.”
He pointed out that “human rights are the most important gains of the democratic process after 2003, and they cannot be neglected by various political and popular titles,” noting that “early elections are the concern of parliament and political forces, and we have set in the ministerial curriculum the holding of local elections in the tenth month as a deadline.”
He explained, “The government will provide all the requirements of law and requirements for holding elections, and if Parliament decides to hold early elections, the government is ready,” noting that “one of the goals of my visit to Germany is that we have a government program in the field of vocational training and qualifying young people to enter the labor market through small projects.” Or medium, and a loan program adopted by the government, which will provide many job opportunities.
He pointed out that “the Iraqi borders enjoy the focus of the Iraqi security services to prevent the infiltration of terrorists in the first place, and the growth of drug activity, and we discovered attempts to smuggle in various ports with neighboring countries,” explaining that “balanced relations between Iraq and neighboring countries according to the principle of mutual respect and common interests and non-interference in Home Affairs is the best approach for us as a government.”
He stressed that “bringing points of view between Iran and the countries of the region, including Saudi Arabia, is an approach that the government has followed and continues to follow, and it will contribute to easing tensions in the region, which will reflect on the security of Iraq and the region,” noting, “We are finding a response from Iran and Saudi Arabia, and we are continuing these attempts to reach a goal.” Resume meetings in Baghdad soon.
And he continued, “The understandings that led to the formation of this government among the various political forces ended up authorizing it to negotiate with the United States and the international coalition to arrange the form of presence and define tasks,” stressing that “any attack on any part or spot in Iraq is unacceptable, whether it is from Iran.” Mother of Turkey.”
He pointed out that “we faced the recent attacks that took place in the border areas with an official position of rejection, and at the same time, we were keen to continue dialogue with these countries with which we have distinguished relations and common interests,” adding, “We started with practical measures on the ground on our part.” Because there are groups present in these areas from time to time, entering Iran or Turkey to carry out acts of violence, and this is contrary to the constitution, which prohibits the use of Iraqi land as a starting point for aggression against neighboring countries.
He pointed out that “the reference has clear positions in supporting the political process and supporting the Iraqi people with all its sects, religions and components, and it continues with this support,” noting that “there is a distinct and positive relationship with Iran, and what connects the two countries is a border of 1,200 km, and religious, cultural and social commonalities, as well.” This is the case with Iraq’s relations and its Arab depth.”
He continued, “We have religious, cultural and social commonalities with Turkey, but controlling this relationship within common interests and non-interference in internal affairs is the context that is proceeding now.”

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