Physicists from CERN measured the width of the W boson for the first time at the LHC

When physicists discovered the Higgs boson at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in 2012, they provided the missing particle in the Standard Model of particle physics. But there are still many phenomena beyond the Standard Model that could reveal the secrets of the Universe. For example, these phenomena can explain the nature of dark matter, … Read more

They want to turn the corner house into a hotel. This will save people from the “victim position”

At the same time, he noted that the Corner House was beneficial for filmmakers, since it was possible to film the most complex scenes associated with the Soviet period or the period of Soviet occupation in Latvia, the imprisonment of dissidents or the moment of occupation, as well as individual scenes of the war period. … Read more

Exploring the Beauty of Saudi Words: Egyptian Woman Reveals Meaning and Cultural Significance

2023-07-08 01:12:10 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Social media activists circulated a video clip of an Egyptian woman explaining the meanings of some of the words used in Saudi Arabia. During the clip, the Egyptian indicated her love for Saudi words, saying that they enter her heart and not her ears. I mentioned some of the Saudi sentences … Read more

Zuhair Murad: Turkish star Ida Egy, the first bride in the world to wear this dress (photos and video)

2023-06-22 15:25:00 Whether the weddings are Hollywood parties or major weddings of international personalities, celebrity weddings are tales of the Thousand and One Nights. Although small and intimate weddings seem common to many this year, the extravagant parties remain unforgettable stories. Turkish star Ida Egy shines in a Zuhair Murad dress Recently, the Turkish actress … Read more

The real Promise Nine to be unlocked with the first full album

2023-06-05 06:16:02 Reporter Lee Deok-haeng of Money Today Reporter ize | 2023.06.05 15:16 /Photo = Pledis Entertainment For all artists, regular albums have a special meaning. From the number of tracks included in the album to the completeness of the title song to the theme consciousness that runs through the album, it is different from … Read more

Terms to describe sound in headphones; Understand! [Parte 1]

The terms used in reviews/reviews to describe the sound of headphones can leave many readers or viewers (audio and video) confused. The reason for this is that this understanding of the adjectives used by audio equipment reviewers/analysts is usually only understood by listening to different models of headphones combined with reading the product description by … Read more

Be careful when you travel: These body gestures can have another meaning abroad | Society

After feeling censored, the Germans posed covering their mouths in the official photo of the first match they played in Qatar 2022, a gesture that has a different meaning in that area of ​​the world, for which the locals were quick to laugh at the Teutons. Be careful! Because this and other gestures have different … Read more