Terms to describe sound in headphones; Understand! [Parte 1]

The terms used in reviews/reviews to describe the sound of headphones can leave many readers or viewers (audio and video) confused. The reason for this is that this understanding of the adjectives used by audio equipment reviewers/analysts is usually only understood by listening to different models of headphones combined with reading the product description by … Read more

In the video.. “The head of the Gulf Research Center” reveals the reasons for Saudi Arabia setting the conditions for providing aid to other countries

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Abdulaziz bin Saqr, President of the Gulf Research Center, commented on the statements of the Minister of Finance, Mohammed Al-Jadaan, regarding the Kingdom’s change in the way it provides aid to its allies, and that the assistance it will provide to other countries will be conditional on reforms, and he urged the … Read more

the roles in the band that “went out to hit” and ended up killing

Using their own phones, which they handed over with docility when they were arrested, the investigators were able to support the investigation into the death of Fernando Báez Sosa (18) with shocking images and chats, in the case of a crime, unheard of. What was observed then in their social networks did not leave the … Read more

Officially.. Adoption of new conditions for obtaining a Saudi visit visa • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khatib issued his approval to adopt the visit visa regulations for the purpose of tourism. Duration Residence The regulations published by Umm Al-Qura newspaper today (Friday) included that everyone who wishes to enter the Kingdom for the purpose of tourism must obtain a valid visa, unless his entry does … Read more

Cold Front in South Florida – NBC Miami (51)

MIAMI.- Some rain is expected this Friday, mainly in the morning, before the arrival of a cold front, which will leave low temperatures during the Christmas weekend in South Florida. For this Friday, the minimum temperatures in the morning will be in the mid-range of 60°F, while the maximum will reach or slightly exceed 80°F … Read more

the break between the Government and the AFA that ended up suspending the caravan of the National Team

SUBSCRIBERS EXCLUSIVE Claudio Tapia and Aníbal Fernández argued when the players left the caravan by bus and began to board the helicopters that took them to Ezeiza. “You can’t continue, let them go to the helicopters.” Hannibal Fernandez, Minister of National Security, had already made the decision to divert the caravan carrying the world champions … Read more