A pod of whales hunted and killed by predatory sharks

The lifestyles of marine creatures are not only fascinating to researchers but also to everyone. There are people who look at their appearance and behavior with great interest. Now a group of researchers have found that orca whales hunt and kill sharks through observation. A pod of orca or killer whales has been found to … Read more

[World Now] Sisters in India’s lowest class found dead hanging from tree

Paramedics retrieve the body and transport the bag to the ambulance. They are 15 and 17 year old sisters from Rahimpur, Uttar Pradesh, northern India. On the 15th, he was found dead by hanging from a tree near his house. Foreign media, including the Associated Press, reported that two teenage sisters in India were sexually … Read more

As soon as he was diagnosed, he killed his autistic son and made an extreme choice himself.

◀ anchor ▶ In Daegu, a 30-year-old mother took her own life after killing her 35-month-old son. It was confirmed that just hours before the incident, the child had been diagnosed with autism. Reporter Yang Gwan-hee will tell you. ◀ Report ▶ A police control line hangs at the front door of an apartment in … Read more

6 bad habits that are killing your laptop battery and how to change them

The batteries of the laptops They usually have a useful life cycle. However, there are certain habits that can help prolong it or, on the contrary, harm it. For this reason, knowing what to do is key, but above all, what not to do Laptops often give indicators that, if taken care of in time, … Read more

Uncovering a strange and unexpected surprise about the villa in which Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed

Al-Marsad newspaper: The British newspaper, The Guardian, revealed unexpected information about the villa in which Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed. The newspaper, quoting an American civilian contractor who was working in Afghanistan, named Dan Smoke, said that the villa in which al-Zawahiri was killed belonged to the US Agency for International Development, which she had rented … Read more

Family dispute: Young man who tried to escape after cutting his brother died of shock Family dispute: Young man died of shock after trying to escape after killing his brother

Thiruvalla: A youth who tried to escape after cutting his brother after a family dispute died of shock. Santhosh (43) died at his home in Peringarachira, Thiruvalla. Santhosh was attacked by his brother Sajeev (39). After cutting Santosh, Sajeev escaped by jumping over the wall of the panchayat office near the incident site. Due to … Read more