‘Hacking’ Big Brother. Activism to escape massive cyber surveillance

As Theo Anthony argues in his documentaries Subject to Review y All light, Everywhere, Every image, fixed or moving, is open to the interpretation of those who contemplate it.. Or what is the same: images generate narratives. Like the human eye, the lens of a camera has virtues and defects, a frame that excludes what … Read more

Lupillo Rivera’s reaction when he sees that Thalí escaped from “La Casa de Los Famosos 4”

This Wednesday, in full Valentine’s Day, something completely unexpected happened “The House of the Famous 4” and it was the sudden abandonment from the house of Thalí García fair one day before of the night of nominationbut without a doubt, the most affected was Lupillo Rivera. Thalí’s departure caused her automatic expulsion and although she … Read more

Brahim and Lunin, a virguería and a wall to escape from Leipzig | Soccer | Sports

PreviousLiveChronicle “When Brahim started dribbling, I yelled at him not to lose the ball. And the truth is that he hasn’t lost it, eh,” Carlo Ancelotti said with a smile about the Malaga native’s virguería in Madrid’s winning goal in Leipzig. 0 Gulacsi, Willi Orban, Mohamed Simakan, David Raum, Lukas Klostermann, Xavier Schlager (Kevin Kampl, … Read more

The Science of Zombie Games: Escaping Time Pressure and Real Life Applications

2023-11-13 10:16:54 Zombie Games Zombie computer games are very popular. Among the wide variety of zombie games, an escape game has caught the attention of scientists. This game actually brings a group of people into a large house with many rooms and corridors, and then the staff arranges for them to wait in a room … Read more

In Tunisia, President Kaïs Saïed denounces complicity in the escape of five detainees

2023-11-01 22:49:42 Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed spoke on Wednesday of complicity and an “operation planned for months” the day after the escape of five individuals, imprisoned in the prison supposed to be the best monitored in Tunisia for their involvement in attacks. “terrorists”. Published on : 01/11/2023 – 23:49 2 mn A run that does … Read more

Escaped Cow Incident in Saint-Vith: Shocking Video Footage of Dangerous Behavior

2023-10-30 10:40:11 On Friday, late in the morning, a cow escaped from the slaughterhouse grounds in Saint-Vith, reports the police in the Eifel area. She had to intervene on site, called by the slaughterhouse staff. “She represented a danger to the population because of her behavior. » of videos A behavior so dangerous that traffic … Read more

‘Escape of the Seven’ Hwang Jung-eum excuses herself after being killed while hallucinating: “To protect myself”

2023-09-30 14:22:55 Reporter Jeong Eun-chae | 2023.09.30 23:22 /Photo=Captured from the broadcast of ‘Escape of the Seven’, actress Hwang Jeong-eum excused her murder. In the 7th episode of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama ‘Escape of the Seven’ (written by Kim Soon-ok, directed by Joo Dong-min), which aired on the 30th, a scene was depicted in which … Read more