Staying in an e-sports hotel… The guy opened the bathroom and was so stupid that he saw all the “open space” | International | CTWANT

The man checked into an e-sports hotel and found a super dumbfounding scene. (Picture / flip from Xiaoran video) What an embarrassing design! There is a man surnamed Chen in Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China. He attended a wedding with his friends a few days ago. Four people stayed in an e-sports hotel that day. … Read more

How about putting a bed in the toilet? Internet celebrity unboxing “0 rooms, 0 halls, 1 bathroom” super crazy small room… Daily rental NT$265 | International | CTWANT

The head of the black cat unpacked a daily rental apartment in Zhengzhou, Henan. The internal facilities were so small that fans were dumbfounded. (Picture/Flipping bilibili/Black Cat Long) Many young people or backpackers travel abroad, most of them will stay in affordable backpackers or capsule hotels in order to save travel expenses, but if you … Read more

The bed is placed next to the toilet… The homestay pushes “0 rooms, 0 halls, 1 bathroom” room for 264 yuan per day. Staff tell the truth | International | CTWANT

There is a “room 0, hall, 1 bathroom” room in Zhengzhou, China, which has sparked heated discussions. (Picture / flip from Weibo) Many people have the experience of renting a house, but such a space is really dumbfounding. In Zhengzhou, China, a video of an apartment with “0 rooms, 0 halls and 1 bathroom” has … Read more

SiteMinder points out that Chinese tourists flock to book accommodation in “Thailand” as soon as the country opens.

“SiteMinder” The world’s leading platform forHotel Commercetype Open Platform reveals the latest data on the increase in hotel bookings in Thailand from travelers inChina After China has relaxed measures to control COVID-19 since 8 Jan. 2023 SiteMinder, with over 100 million bookings on its platform annually in more than 36,000 hotels across 150 countries, has … Read more

“It was enough to knock me unconscious”

On a trip to Las Vegas, this client will not soon forget his stay in a hotel in the American city. When he opens the minibar in his room, he almost faints when he discovers the exorbitant prices of alcohol, soft drinks or even snacks inside. Among these, the sum of $31 (or 28 euros) … Read more

Terror, “tryhardeo” and a hotel room: the perfect plan for a Friday on Twitch

Yesterday was a very special day for the horror video game lovers (and for those of us who, like me, prefer to see our trusted streamer play it and have all that tension come to us “filtered”, for the sake of our cardiovascular health). We were all looking forward to the release of the remake … Read more