Marek Rudziński said goodbye to ski jumping fans on Eurosport and TVN. A voice known in every home –

24.03.2024, 11:14 Marek Rudziński – on the left – formed an excellent commentary duo with Igor Błachut (screen: YouTube/Eurosport) Marek Rudziński has just said goodbye to Polish ski jumping fans. Sunday’s competition in Planica, Slovenia was the last one he commented in his long career. It was announced a few days ago that Eurosport journalist … Read more

Intimidation of EL PAÍS journalists due to the case of Ayuso’s partner | Madrid News

The Community of Madrid released the identity and a photograph of the two informants this Tuesday, and falsely insinuated their criminal conduct, with the aim of intimidating the press at a time when the regional president is being questioned for alleged tax fraud. that his partner, Alberto González Amador, has confessed. The two reporters were … Read more

Mud in the press room | Soccer | Sports

It is not clear when exactly it started, but press conferences, mixed zones and any space of professional promiscuity between sports journalists and coaches are beginning to smell too much like mud. The thing about Xavi these days, publicly pointing out Ramon Besa for an article he wrote in which he did not even refer … Read more

Anniversary exhibition at the Press Museum of ESIEPIN on the occasion of the declaration of the Revolution of March 25, 1821 – 2024-03-06 12:30:30

The Press Museum of the Association of Editors of Daily Newspapers of the Peloponnese, Epirus and Islands (ESHEPIN), as every year on these days, organizes an anniversary exhibition on the occasion of the declaration of the Greek Revolution of March 25, 1821. For this reason, it designed its exhibition space with relevant historical material, while … Read more