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The Community of Madrid released the identity and a photograph of the two informants this Tuesday, and falsely insinuated their criminal conduct, with the aim of intimidating the press at a time when the regional president is being questioned for alleged tax fraud. that his partner, Alberto González Amador, has confessed. The two reporters were identified by a police officer when they were trying to verify the evidence about an alleged illegal work in the residence where González Amador and the Madrid leader live.

These personal data were communicated to the general director of security of the Community of Madrid and were then disseminated by Ayuso’s team to the media, which have distorted the facts, without any verification, falsely accusing reporters of harassment of minors. The data of any person identified by the security forces is confidential and, therefore, cannot be provided to third parties or, of course, disclosed to the press.

The team of the president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has also reported that “hooded journalists” from They tried to rob the house, an accusation that this media has denied.

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When consulting the public database of urban planning licenses of the Madrid City Council, Conex, this newspaper verified that only a responsible declaration from González Amador, dated August 4, 2022, to carry out works on the sixth floor, appeared for those properties. Two months later, the City Council declared that document ineffective, a resolution that appears in Conex. Since there is no subsequent license in that database, this newspaper tried to verify if the reform was carried out without permission.

To verify this hypothesis, this newspaper requested on Thursday for transparency from the Madrid City Council “all licenses and responsible declarations, as well as possible initiations, resolutions and sanctioning files opened at the address” where González Amador and the president reside.

They spoke to several neighbors who left the building between 7:00 p.m. and 7:45 p.m. When they were about to leave the area, a man in his 50s, dressed in civilian clothes, approached the two journalists and identified himself as a national police officer, showing a badge. In a cordial conversation, he asked them to identify themselves and they gave them their professional credentials and ID. The agent retreated a few meters towards a vehicle and took note of the personal information. Two men also in civilian clothes who did not identify themselves observed the scene a few meters away. After this, the agent returned with the documentation and the two reporters left.

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The agent who identified the two journalists belongs to the counter-surveillance team of the Madrid president’s security service which, as established by police protocols, reported the incident to the head of bodyguards. He provided it to the general director of Security of the Community of Madrid.

The information on the identity of the two journalists, which within two hours of being obtained was already in some media outlets, came from the Community of Madrid. Although he has assured that there is a complaint against the reporters, there was none on Tuesday night, as confirmed by this newspaper.

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