Cristina Kirchner: Honoring Néstor with Management

2024-04-27 19:46:59 Cristina Kirchner: “The best way to honor Néstor is with management” “There is no better way than to remember who was my partner in my life with management, work and works. Congratulations and gratitude on behalf of myself and my children for having remembered my partner, the former president began by saying in … Read more

The Heroic Escape: Milei’s Controversial Speech on Money Laundering and Tax Evasion

2024-04-23 03:01:00 “He who escapes is a hero,” encouraged Javier Milei at the Llao Llao Forum, before a hundred businessmen. “It doesn’t matter where the money comes from,” he redoubled. What is notable for the President is that whoever leaks money manages to “escape from the clutches of the State.” The phrase went around the … Read more

Intimidation of EL PAÍS journalists due to the case of Ayuso’s partner | Madrid News

The Community of Madrid released the identity and a photograph of the two informants this Tuesday, and falsely insinuated their criminal conduct, with the aim of intimidating the press at a time when the regional president is being questioned for alleged tax fraud. that his partner, Alberto González Amador, has confessed. The two reporters were … Read more

Milei got Marra and Reidel a place on the new Council of Economic Advisors | They will design “long-term economic policies and measures”

While areas dependent on the national State continue to be closed, President Javier Milei created within the government structure a new conchabo for his closest collaborators, the Council of Economic Advisors. It will be headed by Ramiro Marra and Demian Reidel, and its mission will be to design long-term policies and measures. The announcement was … Read more

President Alberto Fernández at Mercosur Summit: Argentina’s Position on EU Agreement and Farewell Message

2023-12-07 03:01:00 President Alberto Fernández traveled to Rio de Janeiro this Wednesday night to participate in the 62nd Mercosur Summit today. There Argentina will not sign the agreement that the president of Brazil Luis Inácio Lula da Silva wanted to close with the European Union. That will be the last international activity that Fernández leads … Read more

Nicaragua Argentina Ambassador Recall: Politics and Relations between Central American Countries and South America

2023-12-05 03:01:00 The Government of Nicaragua decided to “recall” its ambassador in Argentina, Carlos Midence, due to the statements and expressions of the elected president Javier Milei, who had assured that he would not “promote” the relationship with that Central American country, at the time of letting his hatred transcend. against countries that are not … Read more

The Taylor Swift Fandom Takes a Stand: Swifties Against Javier Milei in Argentine Politics

2023-10-27 04:23:04 From Sunday to now, the Argentine political board does not stop shaking with unprecedented vertigo. The Javier Milei-Mauricio Macri-Patricia Bullrich alliance, which was staged with more urgency than argument, activates during these hours speculations on and off, support and rejection, players entering and leaving the field. What surely no one anticipated is the … Read more