Decline of Together for Change: Mauricio Macri Takes Patricia Bullrich to Libertad Foundation Meeting

2023-09-22 14:59:34 In a supposed campaign hitchhike in the face of the decline of Together for Change in the voting intention polls, Mauricio Macri took Patricia Bullrich to the stage of the main forum of the regional right, the Libertad Foundation meeting. From there, the candidate maintained that the coalition to which she belongs is … Read more

The Controversy Surrounding Argentina, 1985: Omissions and Criticisms of Raúl Alfonsín’s Role

2023-09-18 20:36:51 The actor and representative of Together for Change Luis Brandoni once again questioned the award-winning film Argentina, 1985, directed by Santiago Mitre, for “omitting the presence of Raúl Alfonsín.” This time, the criticism also included his colleague Ricardo Darín, who in addition to starring in the film as prosecutor Julio César Strassera, was … Read more

Strategies and Commitments for Sergio Massa’s Campaign: Middle Class Focus and International Relations

2023-08-30 04:52:00 Before going to sleep, the minister/candidate grabs his cell phone for the last time in the day and types the word “Agenda”. He presses send and immediately his secretaries send him in detail what he has to do and the commitments for the next day. With little sleep, constant negotiations, and non-stop travel … Read more

Minister of Economy Sergio Massa’s Visit to Brazil: Strengthening Economic Measures and BRICS Membership

2023-08-27 23:08:52 After announcing a series of economic measures that the government will implement to improve the situation of different sectors of society that were affected by the devaluation and the loss of purchasing power, the Minister of Economy and UXP presidential candidate Sergio Massa leaves for Brasilia. . The candidate will meet in the … Read more

Javier Milei’s Romance with Fátima Florez: All the Details and Reactions!

2023-08-22 03:01:00 The candidate of La Libertad Avanza, Javier Milei, was in the news this Monday on the gossip channels for the confirmation –in the middle of the campaign– of his courtship with the comedian, singer and dancer Fátima Florez, who is also a prominent influencer in networks social. Florez’s most remembered contact with the … Read more

The Benegas Lynch Family: Champions of Liberal Ideology in Argentina and their Influence on Milei

2023-08-17 20:20:30 Javier Milei defines them as his “heroes”. All with the same name, Alberto Benegas Lynch father, son and grandson are largely responsible for the insertion and dissemination of liberal ideology in the country. The older Alberto, who died in February 1999introduced the thought of the Austrian school in Argentina and is noted for … Read more