HC La Chaux-de-Fonds: Analysis of their recent loss and upcoming matches in the Swiss Ice Hockey League

2023-09-29 00:03:00 The trip of HC La Chaux-de-Fonds was not a winner this Thursday. The Mélèzes hockey players returned empty-handed from Kleinholz in Olten, losing 5-4 in the Swiss Ice Hockey League. They suffered their third defeat of the season in six matches. The Bees have not yet found their cruising speed at the start … Read more

Val-de-Travers: End of an Era for Arcinfo Newspaper Distribution – Economic Challenges and Swiss Media Aid Refusal

2023-09-28 18:58:00 It’s the end of an era in Val-de-Travers: the daily Arcinfo will no longer be distributed by porters early in the morning to subscribers. Loyal readers will be delivered by La Poste, they were warned in a letter, explains Jacques Matthey, general manager of Arcinfo, to us this Thursday. “The reason is purely … Read more

French Academy: Amin Maalouf Elected Permanent Secretary – All You Need to Know

2023-09-28 14:31:00 French Academy: Amin Maalouf elected permanent secretary RTNSuccession of Carrère d’Encausse – Duel of writers to lead the French Academy Geneva TribuneAmin Maalouf elected permanent secretary of the French Academy The Orient-The Day10 things to know about Amin Maalouf, new permanent secretary of the French Academy The ObsFranco-Lebanese Amin Maalouf elected permanent secretary … Read more

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony’s video games division, retires

2023-09-28 15:18:00 Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) CEO Jim Ryan will step down at the end of March following a long career with the Japanese group, where he oversaw the launch of the latest console, the PlayStation 5 (PS5). [Il] has made the decision to retire in March 2024 after nearly 30 years with the PlayStation … Read more

iOS 17.0.2 Update for iPhone 15: Resolve Data Transfer Issue & Security Vulnerabilities

2023-09-28 14:27:17 iPhone 15 phone owners had complained of a problem that prevented data from being transferred directly from other iPhones when setting up iPhone 15 phones for the first time. Apple had first launched the iOS 17.0.2 update for iPhone 15 phones, before making it available now to all iPhone users who have recently … Read more

Recent Diplomatic Incidents Fueling Disinformation Campaigns: Canada’s Role in Russian and Indian Propaganda

2023-09-28 08:00:00 Recent diplomatic incidents involving the Government of Canada are fueling disinformation campaigns in Russia and India, with both countries seeking to take advantage of the situation to further their interests. The Canadian Parliament’s ovation for Yaroslav Hunka, a Ukrainian veteran of a Nazi unit during the Second World War, was on everyone’s lips … Read more