Suspicion of defrauding Go To Travel benefits Arrested company president | NHK Kanagawa news

A 35-year-old company president in Kawasaki City was arrested by police for defrauding about 7.6 million yen in benefits by applying for fictitious accommodation results by exploiting the tourism demand stimulus “Go To Travel”.He denies the allegations against the investigation. The suspect was Kaito Konno (35), the president of a nursery school operating company in … Read more

Asa Kaigan Railway managing director arrested Suspicion of fraud that defrauded loans | NHK Tokushima news

In the third sector connecting southern Tokushima Prefecture and Kochi Prefecture, the managing director of “Asa Kaigan Railway”, which operates DMVs that run on both tracks and roads, said that the amount was inflated last year at the advertising company where he was the president. He was arrested on suspicion of fraud, etc., saying that … Read more

Climax series advanced to professional baseball Pacific League Seibu 3rd place | NHK Saitama news

Professional baseball and the Pacific League have finished all regular season schedules.Orix won the championship for the second year in a row, and Seibu advanced to the Climax Series in 3rd place. In Seibu’s ninth year, Hodaka Yamakawa hit 41 home runs and won the home run king for the third time in three years.Yamakawa … Read more

Protecting National Treasure Matsue Castle Briefing session on felling trees around the castle | NHK Shimane news

In order to protect the castle tower of Matsue Castle, which is a national treasure, from fires, etc., Matsue City decided to cut down trees around the castle tower, and a local briefing session was held for the media. Matsue City plans to cut down some of the trees near the castle tower of Matsue … Read more

A novel that exposes the love story of Daniela Rahma and Nassif Zaitoun

The news that spread in recent times about the existence of a love story between Syrian artist Nassif Zaitoun and Lebanese actress Daniela Rahma is still the talk of the audience and the source of their interest at a time when the two sides do not deny nor confirm the issue except that one story … Read more

Miss Bahrain 2022

Bahraini model Evelyn Abdullah Khalifa was crowned Miss Bahrain 2022 in the competition that was held over days to choose Bahrain’s representative in international beauty contests to succeed Manar Nadim Al Dayani. At the closing ceremony held on Sunday, the jury, consisting of Egyptian actressMay Omar, American star Jessica Renoso, and others, chose model Evelyn … Read more