unpublished material found in Belgium!

Marvin Gaye left a musical treasure. The trove consists of 30 cassettes and 66 demos of songs recorded by Marvin Gaye in the early 1980s. On April 1, 2024, we celebrated the 40th anniversary of the death of Marvin Gaye. This April 2, 2024, we learn some good news regarding the Motown singer: a collection … Read more

Beyoncé unveils the tracklisting for “Cowboy Carter”

Beyoncé’s new album comes out on March 29. © Instagram She called on two country music legends: Willie Nelson and Dolly Parton D-day for Beyoncé this Friday March 29 with the release of her new album, “Cowboy Carter”, act II of her “Renaissance” series. After trying her hand at electronic music, Queen B. is now … Read more

Where Are We: A Musical Journey through America with Joshua Redman

2023-09-19 08:35:00 Joshua Redman surrounded himself well for this project. And invites us on a beautiful musical journey. On September 15, the great American saxophonist Joshua Redman, who recently joined the Blue Note label, released his first vocal album, the first of his great career, which he recorded with an exceptional singer, Gabrielle. Cavassa, and … Read more

Foreign Investor Establishes World’s Largest Fish Farm in Saudi Desert: Al-Marsad Newspaper Report

2023-08-09 20:09:16 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Al-Arabiya correspondent Hani Al-Safyan documented, during a video report, that a foreign investor preferred the Saudi desert over the rest of the world to establish the largest fish farming hall in the world. Al-Safyan began the report: “In the middle of this desert, a temperature of 47 degrees Celsius, the largest … Read more

Controversial Video: Girl Exercising in Hijab Spark Debate Among Twitter Users

2023-07-15 10:15:24 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Social media activists circulated a video clip of a girl exercising inside a gym in full hijab clothes. And the girl appeared wearing a wide and long cloak and a long head cover, and put headphones on her ears, while she was doing various exercises. The girl, with her appearance, sparked … Read more

Watch…a famous Indian actor being attacked with an ax in a gym • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A circulating video clip documented the moment Indian actor Aman Dhaliwal was attacked by an unidentified man who was carrying an ax and tried to assault him by beating him in the gym. The man who attacked the Indian actor appeared wearing a blue jacket and grabbed the actor’s arms and started shouting … Read more

Two jazz musicians honored with Doris Duke Artist Award

Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah ​​is one of the award-winning artists. They are Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah ​​and Somi Kakoma. A few days ago, the ceremony of the Doris Duke Artists Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York was held. Organized by rapper Common, it rewarded two jazz musicians, Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah ​​and Somi Kakoma, … Read more

A new album in February for the bluesman Fantastic Negrito!

Xavier Dphrepaulezzbetter known under the pseudonym of Fantastic Boldwill make his big musical comeback on February 3 with the release of his new opus, Grandfather Couragein collaboration with the label Storefront Records. Victim of a serious road accident in 2000, the musician found a second wind and an unsuspected strength in music, a passion that … Read more