Demeo – PlayStation 5 –

Demeo : D’n’D façon VR? The modern, or rather contemporary, video game world has certainly brought with it a degree of innovation that, while now rather predictable and in the realm of the realistic, might have seemed to a gamer or video gamer 30 years ago pure magic: virtual reality, graphical fidelity bordering on photorealism, … Read more

Chef Life : A Restaurant Simulator – PlayStation 5

A more complete cooking simulation. Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator puts us in the shoes of an aspiring star chef, ready to open his own restaurant with his assistant chef Kassim, a friend and classmate. From the dining room to the kitchen, you can explore the entire restaurant and customize it to your liking to … Read more

Netflix improves its subtitles: it will be possible to choose the size and style

Good news to come for Netflix streaming platform subscribers. Indeed, it is now possible to customize the size and style of the text of subtitles and captions. Users will notably be able to choose the font size between small, medium and large as well as modify the general appearance of the text in order to … Read more

PowerToys receives an update: new mouse power and copied elements

Microsoft has consistently optimized its software tools for customization and productivity over the years. We immediately think of Windows , the operating system which has undergone numerous renovations, also targeting the applications it integrates. In addition to this, we know PowerToys , a very interesting Windows tool that offers a set of relevant options for … Read more

Scars Above – Xbox Series X

Pyramids in space. We are in a modern world, similar to ours but with slightly more advanced technology (nothing a few decades cannot fill), and it is in this context that a huge pyramid arrives in the skies of the globe, positioned a few kilometers above the Earth’s surface, roughly between the Earth and the … Read more

Two jazz musicians honored with Doris Duke Artist Award

Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah ​​is one of the award-winning artists. They are Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah ​​and Somi Kakoma. A few days ago, the ceremony of the Doris Duke Artists Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York was held. Organized by rapper Common, it rewarded two jazz musicians, Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah ​​and Somi Kakoma, … Read more