‘Hacking’ Big Brother. Activism to escape massive cyber surveillance

As Theo Anthony argues in his documentaries Subject to Review y All light, Everywhere, Every image, fixed or moving, is open to the interpretation of those who contemplate it.. Or what is the same: images generate narratives. Like the human eye, the lens of a camera has virtues and defects, a frame that excludes what … Read more

Controversy over Putin and Pro-Russia Products in Belgian Store

2023-12-07 11:03:00 The store, “Rue de Maroseyka, offers items bearing the image of President Putin, as well as t-shirts bearing the letter Z, which has become a symbol of support for the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The letter was displayed on many Russian army vehicles from the start of the war, and has since been … Read more

Poloniex Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack: $114 Million Stolen – Justin Sun Offers Reward

2023-11-10 16:17:47 The hot wallets of the Poloniex cryptocurrency exchange, which was acquired by Tron founder Justin Sun, were emptied by hackers: about 114 million dollars worth of digital assets were stolen. Justin Sun confirmed the incident, as well as saying that he would compensate those affected, and offered the hacker a “white hat cash … Read more

servers taken offline after malware was reported

2023-07-30 18:30:59 The servers for the 2009 version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 were recently temporarily taken offline. Players of this classic have reported finding themselves in some peculiar hacked waiting rooms. The consequence of this attack is not a settings reset or anything mean annoying. No, users find themselves infected by a … Read more

Cursor – The AI ​​editor for developers of the future

2023-05-03 12:38:34 I’m an absolute fan of Github Copilot when it comes to developing. It saves me a lot of time and it’s really well integrated into my Visual Studio Code. That said, it’s still a bit lacking on the code generation side that we could have with a ChatGPT for example. Fortunately, here comes … Read more

Netflix is ​​about to remove many magical films in April!Netizens wailed “They are all must-see classics”, watching the complete list of up and down shelves at once-Feng Media

After 2 consecutive months of make-up classes, I believe everyone is physically and mentally exhausted. If you don’t want to go out to play during the Qingming holiday, you might as well stay at home to rest and watch dramas! Netflix has recently announced the list of the latest releases and removals of movies and … Read more

A video of my living room on an overseas site? Arrested in their 30s for hacking apartment ‘Wall Pad’

data photo A suspect was caught by the police after stealing videos or photos from 400,000 households by hacking a ‘wallpad’ installed in an apartment living room and trying to sell them on overseas Internet sites. The Cyber ​​Investigation Bureau of the National Investigation Headquarters of the National Police Agency said that from August to … Read more

Creation of the National Cybersecurity Agency gains strength in Congress after hacking the EMCO | National

The Minister of Defense, Maya Fernández, confirmed that each branch of the Armed Forces must carry out administrative summaries, to clarify the content of the leaked emails in the cyberattack on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In parallel, Congress will begin to discuss legislative changes, which includes the creation of a National Cybersecurity Agency. The … Read more