Crimea and Novorossiysk are below highly effective assault: dozens of explosions, the port is with out energy

At 01:30, the Gauleiter of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, mentioned that the army was repelling an assault by unmanned aerial automobiles utilizing small arms. Quickly the sunshine within the metropolis partially went out. Razvozhaev defined this by turning off a part of the gear on the Sevastopol substation – in line with him, particles from downed … Read more

Latvians are not ready to “process” a lot of migrants from the East – Rungainis

Migration and labor shortages are indeed a very complex issue. Our advantage is that we have seen how other countries solved this – for example, Germany after World War II was happy to send away Latvian refugees, but soon after that they began to accept Turkish workers en masse, which they needed in their factories. … Read more

In Argentina, students protest against Miley’s shock therapy

Hundreds of thousands of Argentines, especially students, took to the streets of Buenos Aires on Tuesday, April 23, to protest against President Javier Miley’s budget cuts in the higher education sector. In one of the biggest demonstrations against Miley since he came to power last December, students, parents, teachers, university staff, as well as union … Read more

How do Latvia calculate the damage caused by the USSR occupation?

A report is required every year, and now the next one has arrived – for 2023. What did you spend 35,770 euros on? Such funding was appropriated last year to study the dramatic pages of the history of the 20th century. The leading areas of the commission’s work are: 1. Calculation of losses caused to … Read more

Russia launched a massive missile strike on Ukraine

At 00:23, monitoring channels reported the takeoff of four Tu-95 aircraft from the Olenya airfield. At 04:50, it was also reported that a MiG-31K, which carries the Kh-47M2 Kinzhal supersonic missile, took off from the Savasleika airfield. An air raid alert was declared throughout Ukraine. The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that … Read more

Ukraine launched a massive attack on targets in Crimea

According to him, one person was killed as a result of the shelling of the city. Several other citizens were injured. The governor’s post listed four victims “from rocket fragments throughout Saturday.” Ukrainian telegram channel “Crimean Wind” with a link to its subscribers names one of the supposedly affected objects: “the main special communications center … Read more

‘Hacking’ Big Brother. Activism to escape massive cyber surveillance

As Theo Anthony argues in his documentaries Subject to Review y All light, Everywhere, Every image, fixed or moving, is open to the interpretation of those who contemplate it.. Or what is the same: images generate narratives. Like the human eye, the lens of a camera has virtues and defects, a frame that excludes what … Read more

Steam is offering 3 massive games for free, but you don’t have long

2023-12-17 00:26:12 If you’re a PC gamer, switch to Steam because three excellent games are available for free right now. If you’re quick, you can spend some time on one of these three great games by downloading them from Steam. Each game is available for free for the next three days. Demos and trials are … Read more