Catch him if you can – Hi-Tech – Kommersant

The return of greenhouse gas emissions to pre-pandemic levels has led to the intensification of projects aimed at capturing and processing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. New projects are designed to combat greenhouse gas emissions in industries that are one of their main producers – in transport and energy. Scientists in the US and Europe … Read more

iOS 16 allows users to customize up to 200 lock screens – – Technology Focus – iPhone

The new function of iOS 16 to customize the lock screen, in addition to allowing users to adjust the font and color of the time and date, it also provides adjustment of widgets, notifications, real-time dynamics and other items. If you want to set up, I believe it is enough to “play” Play with your … Read more

A security statement regarding the arrest of 7 citizens who participated in a quarrel using firearms, which led to the death of a young man in Tabuk • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The Tabuk region police announced the arrest of (7) people, after a quarrel between them. The media spokesman for the Tabuk police stated that, in reference to a video circulating of a mass quarrel and shooting, the Tabuk city police reported a report from a hospital about a severely injured head with a … Read more

That year, those stories no one told – Shu Man (@east7154)

Going out without a mask that tightly covers the nose and mouth now feels very dangerous and uneasy. In a crowded space, without keeping a distance from people, The danger alarm bell rang, and who knew if the virus was lurking nearby. That can clearly see everyone’s facial features, if you walk around wearing a … Read more

A Serb is squeezed out of Aleksandar Vučić drop by drop

Against the backdrop of ongoing hostilities in Ukraine, the West demanded that Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić expedite the resolution of the Kosovo problem and decide on which side of the curtain between Russia and the West Serbia is located. To do this, Belgrade was asked to accept a “new basis” for negotiations with Pristina, which … Read more

A medical scandal causes the resignation of the Minister of Health of Portugal .. This is what happened with a pregnant patient who died!

Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: The Portuguese Minister of Health announced her resignation, due to the situation of an Indian tourist who was visiting the southern European country. Minister Marta Temido submitted her resignation on Tuesday, a few hours after the news of the death of a young Indian tourist, who was pregnant, on a visit … Read more