Cyanosis • When your lips or fingers turn blue

Bluish discolored lips or fingertips indicate cyanosis. A lack of oxygen in the blood causes the skin and mucous membranes to turn blue. What causes cyanosis and when is medical attention needed? © ZayNyi – Article content at a glance: Identify skin diseases with these images What is cyanosis? A bluish discoloration of the … Read more

Mayor of Mapo-gu, who posted a picture of ‘honey’ in the heavy rain warning, finally issued an apology

Mapo-gu Mayor Park Kang-soo, who was criticized for posting a picture of a smiling and eating meal amid a series of victims, such as deaths from heavy rain, eventually issued an apology. Mayor Park deleted the post as criticism poured in, and as citizens captured the deleted post and posted it in the comments, he … Read more

VIDEO – Put your hand in the lion’s mouth; Zoo worker loses finger | World | Deshabhimani

Kingston> Man loses fingers while playing with lion at zoo A contract worker at a zoo in Jamaica has lost his fingers. The fun was in putting the fingers in the lion’s mouth in the cage. But the lion bit his finger and it was in his mouth. It has also been reported on social … Read more

A 7-year-old girl has “horrific oozing blood” all over her body, and her eyes and fingers are bloody after being vaccinated | INTERNATIONAL | CTWANT

A 7-year-old girl in Thailand bleeds inexplicably from her eyes, fingers and other parts of her body. (Picture / Retrieved A 7-year-old daughter in Thailand contracted a strange disease. Although there was no wound on her body, her blood would flow out from her eyes, nose, ears and other organs, and even her skin. … Read more