MacBook tips let you know your Dock better!Dual-screen Dock is not afraid of running around

The editor used to use a Windows desktop computer, but recently changed to a MacBook due to work needs. Although I have adapted to the cross-system conversion smoothly, the MacBook itself has many functions, and it takes time to study to improve the smoothness of use. After the screen is turned on, there is a … Read more

the first generation AirPods Pro at 199 €

After a short tour €198 at Amazon yesterday but with stocks quickly running out, the first-generation AirPods Pro are back on sale at 199 €this time at CDiscount. Once again, we don’t know what the stock status is, but this is a very popular model and the offer could quickly no longer be available. The second … Read more

AirPods 2 at 99 € at CDiscount

CDiscount has launched a very big promotional offer on the AirPods 2 as part of Black Friday: they are displayed at 119 € and go down to 99 € thanks to the promo code “20AIRPODSCD” which allows you to benefit from an additional 20 € discount. These headphones normally cost €159 on the Apple Store : … Read more

The MacBook Pro 14.2 ” at 1,999 € instead of 2,249 €

It’s been almost two months since we’ve seen it at this discount level: the entry-level 14.2 “MacBook Pro, with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage, is € 1,999 at Amazon (argent, space grey) as well as at Fnac (argent, space grey). This machine normally costs €2,249 on the Apple Store and this … Read more

Black Friday: the MacBook Air M2 at €1,299 (- €200), its lowest price

The MacBook Air M2 has never been so inexpensive. On Black Friday, the base model is on sale at €1,299 on Amazon et at Leclerc instead of €1,499. Only the space gray color is offered at this price. The MacBook Air M2 is an excellent lightweight, fairly powerful and durable laptop. The base configuration has … Read more

[Mac]Explain how to migrate data without using Migration Assistant! – OTONA LIFE

When you give up on your old Mac and buy a new Mac, you must do data migration work. It’s easy to use Mac’s “migration assistant”, but if you manually migrate data to an external HDD, you can pinpoint data migration. I will explain how to migrate data without using Mac’s migration assistant. [Mac]How to … Read more