5 reasons NOT to BUY Apple’s new release

2023-09-26 19:40:36 Since the first iPhone, the bitten apple brand has become synonymous with status, innovation and performance. However, even with the arrival of the iPhone 15 it is important to adopt a critical approach, after all, a new device is not always synonymous with evolution. In this article, we will dive into the heart … Read more

Double the number of lenses?Rumor has it that Apple’s next-generation top-end iPhone 16 will transform into a “six-eyed monster” – Free Electronic News 3C Technology

2023-09-25 01:30:00 (Photo/photo by reporter Huang Zhaoxiang) Will the next-generation iPhone 16 top-spec model turn into a “six-eyed monster”? The latest news indicates that Apple may add three additional lenses to the phone to match the Vision Pro, a spatial computing device that will be launched next year. whistleblower Majin Bu News broke on the … Read more

Xbox Series X Mid-Term Update: Cylindrical Design, Wi-Fi 6E, & Stronger Specs Revealed

2023-09-24 18:34:00 Although Microsoft had previously mentioned that there would be no mid-term updates for the Xbox Series Xbox Series X will have a cylindrical design and will not have a disc drive. Microsoft’s latest court documents revealed that the Xbox Series X will receive a mid-term update. The new version of the Xbox Series … Read more

Turn Your Android Phone into a Computer Camera with Android 14: No App Required!

2023-09-23 08:03:00 Android 14 adds a new feature that can turn an Android phone into a computer camera. (Picture / Photo from the Internet) Google pushed the Android 14 QPR1 Beta 1 test version this week. Foreign media 9to5google discovered that one of the new features can use the mobile phone camera as a webcam … Read more

Unleashing the Power of the Sony SEL1635GM2: An Interview with Renowned Photographer Hero Xue on Using 16-35mm Lenses for Wedding and Portrait Creations

2023-09-21 02:00:00 Many people may think that 16-35mm lenses are more suitable for shooting landscapes, but in fact, they are also one of the most frequently used lenses for wedding and portrait creators. Sony just recently launched the SEL1635GM2. What features does it have that can help with portrait creation? This time, follow the exclusive … Read more

Palm camera “INSTAX Pal” presentation report. Suzu Hirose and Ryusei Yokohama appear in the commercial – Digital Camera Watch

2023-09-21 10:41:41 On September 21st, Fujifilm held the “Fujifilm INSTAX ‘Instax’ New Product Launch” in Tokyo. What was announced this time was the palm-sized camera “INSTAX Pal.” It is said to be the first camera in the INSTAX series to be “specialized in photography” and not equipped with a printer. Actors Suzu Hirose and Ryusei … Read more