a judge suspended after appearing in a very bad position during a call on Zoom… (video)

A Colombian judge has been suspended after being filmed on Zoom smoking on her bed in her underwear. In the images circulating on social networks, we can hear an interlocutor addressing the lady: “Your honor, your camera is on”, he said to her. But it was already too late for her, since everyone had time … Read more

Vlado Mirosevic: “I ask the opposition, in the best constructive mood, to let us work” | bbcl_research

Although he says that he assumed the presidency of the Chamber with a spirit of dialogue, the deputy Mirosevic admits that it has been a complex task. “We cannot be treating each other the worst because that does not serve Chilean democracy at all,” he says in conversation with BioBioChile. In turn, the congressman calls … Read more

How does Otto, founder of The Stage American wedding photography team, comment on Sony α7R V?

As one of the founders of The Stage American wedding photography team, Otto is good at using the combination of scenery and characters to shoot generous and natural images, and his works are loved by many couples. And Otto, who has senior wedding photography experience, what kind of experience does he have with Sony’s latest … Read more

Is the Sony α7R V a camera that combines video and video?Listen to what the videographer “Kevin Jiayi” of the Running Boys Video Office said

Wedding / wedding dress In addition to the most common “wedding photography”, “wedding recording” is actually a recording solution that many couples will choose nowadays. Kevin Jiayi, one of the videographers of the Running Boys Video Office, has nearly six years of experience in wedding recording. For him, a good camera should have a smart … Read more

Tax reform: Chamber approved ‘mico’ of mega-pensions abroad – Congress – Politics

With a series of proposals on food taxed in the tax reform project, the plenary session of the House of Representatives meets at this time to deliberate on the matter. The discussion about sugary drinks and their implications for health and the family basket captured much of the debate. The ‘monkey’ of mega-pensions abroad was … Read more

The iPhone 14 Plus is more than 1,000 cheaper than 512GB: the Pro is still increasing its price_China IT News

Original title: iPhone 14 Plus is listed on the market, 512GB is more than 1,000 cheaper: Pro is still increasing the price On the 7th, the iPhone 14 Plus was officially launched, with a starting price of 6,999 yuan. However, as previously expected, the 6.7-inch Plus did not bring good luck to itself because of … Read more