he says he recognized himself in the video game trailer and asks the publisher for “1 or 2 million” dollars

2023-12-10 15:46:28 Lawrence Sullivan, nicknamed “the Joker from Florida”, accuses Rockstar Games, the game’s publisher, of having taken inspiration from him for a character, without asking for his consent. «GTA, we need to talk.» If the long-awaited trailer for GTA VI, revealed at the beginning of the week, delighted fans of the video game, who … Read more

French start-up Mistral AI could soon be valued at 2 billion euros

2023-12-09 18:09:57 By JDS Published yesterday at 11:11, Update yesterday at 7:09 p.m. The three co-founders of Mistral AI, Timothée Lacroix, Arthur Mensch and Guillaume Lample. Renaud Khanh / Renaud Khanh/ABACA Created last April, this specialist in generative AI, rival of the American OpenAI and its ChatGPT, is about to finalize a new fundraising of … Read more

Naruto x CASETiFY: Limited Edition Phone Cases and Accessories Now Available

2023-12-06 15:49:00 CASETiFY recently announced a new Naruto crossover series, bringing the main characters to phone cases. Moreover, the iconic “Akatsuki” red cloud from the Naruto series and the kunai shuriken, a side weapon, also appear in surprise appearances. It is worth mentioning that if you are a gold or silver member of CASETiFY, you … Read more

the video game event is already breaking audience records

2023-12-05 22:40:03 By Steve Tenré Published yesterday at 11:40 p.m., Updated yesterday at 11:48 p.m. An image taken from the GTA 6 trailer, released overnight from Monday to Tuesday. Rockstar Games With more than 90 million views less than 24 hours after its release, the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer caused a tidal wave on … Read more

WhatsApp Voice-to-Text: One-Click Conversion for iOS and Android

2023-12-05 14:16:00 WhatsApp voice to text in one click! The WhatsApp voice-to-text feature brings a lot of practicality, especially for those who don’t like to listen to voice messages or are inconvenient to listen in certain situations. This is a very convenient solution. This time, ezone.hk provides you with one-click text-to-voice conversion on WhatsApp, and … Read more