Gafam are increasing the launches of products powered by generative AI

2023-09-26 08:00:08 By Chloé Woitier Published 2 hours ago, Updated 37 minutes ago If Gafam recognizes that their AI can still be improved, their large-scale deployment should make it possible to quickly improve them. 337392558/kentoh – From Outlook to Alexa and creation on YouTube, the heavy investments of tech giants are translating into concrete … Read more

Exploring the Risks of AI: Have Tech Leaders Heeded the Call for a Pause?

2023-09-21 18:40:57 This article was originally published in English Tech leaders have signed an open letter calling for a pause on AI experiments, but have their warnings been heeded? Does artificial intelligence (AI) represent an existential risk for humanity? That’s the view of the Future of Life Institute (FLI), which published an open letter six … Read more

New Xbox, controller… Microsoft victim of a data leak revealing its projects

2023-09-19 17:55:11 By PLB Published 2 hours ago, Updated now Sensitive Microsoft data has been leaked online. GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS Unveiled this Tuesday, confidential data lifts the veil on the ambitions of the American giant. The next games from developer Bethesda would also be affected. Hard blow for Microsoft. This Tuesday, several confidential and … Read more

Kenya: construction of the futuristic city Konza Technopolis is delayed [1/2]

2023-09-18 23:05:12 A new city that would combine industries, universities, residential neighborhoods, leisure areas, but also a green and smart city. A technology and innovation hub designed to attract investors. This is the entire ambition of Konza Technopolis. Located about sixty kilometers southeast of Nairobi, on 5,000 acres of land in the middle of a … Read more

Elon Musk could make Twitter pay for everyone

2023-09-19 11:13:03 By Le Figaro with AFP Published 4 hours ago, Update 55 minutes ago «It’s the only way I can think of to fight vast armies of robots» said Elon Musk about X’s move to paid. TINGSHU WANG / REUTERS The businessman mentioned setting up a “small monthly payment” to use the social network … Read more

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Consulting Industry: Challenges and Opportunities

2023-09-18 07:15:39 By Claudia Cohen Published 4 hours ago, Updated 16 minutes ago “A significant part of the work that is done today by juniors will be automated,” anticipates Gianmarco Monsellato, president of Deloitte France (photo illustration). 276831752/sebra – SURVEY – In large firms, managers expect consulting to move upmarket. Which could accelerate the … Read more