TikTok: Three ‘tiktokers’ with hundreds of thousands of followers reveal their tricks to succeed on the social network | Technology

On TikTok as soon as you find “silent reviews” of books made with mime, such as young people pouring ketchup in their hair or parents throwing slices of cheese in their children’s faces. Millions of users are trying to go viral and make a name for themselves on the social network. Bad news: there is … Read more

A conviction between ‘dark web’ mafias brought down the group of cybercriminals that attacked the Seville City Council and thousands of entities | Technology

Police notification of intervention on the LockBit access page following the international action against the kidnapping and extortion group last February.HANDOUT (via REUTERS) The dark web, the dark network hidden from search engines, which conceals the IP (identity of the devices with which one works) and accessible only through specific browsers, is not a world … Read more

The Marauding Marten: A Belgian Family’s Nightmare in Their Dream Home

2023-11-24 10:44:00 A Belgian family thought they had bought their dream house in Schelle, in the province of Antwerp. But this dream quickly turned into a nightmare. For a year and a half, nights began to be disturbed by a very strange noise. It was the children who first alerted their parents to the strange … Read more

Top Hospitals and Health Systems Ranked by Nurses on Glassdoor: Nursing Satisfaction Index

2023-11-03 12:32:44 Thousands of nurses at 146 hospitals and health systems ranked their employers on Glassdoor by their senior leadership team. Researchers analyzed 150,000 Glassdoor reviews to create MIT Sloan Management Review‘s “Nursing Satisfaction Index,” which also measures nurses’ thoughts on their workload, compensation and organizational support. Read more about the methodology here. The reviews … Read more

The Viral Pink Eye Epidemic: Rising Cases in Vietnam, India, and Pakistan

2023-10-05 17:50:43 The viral epidemic of pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is spreading, affecting hundreds of thousands in Vietnam, India and Pakistan. For months amid summer heat waves and record rainfall, infections have been rising, as health officials in many countries struggle to curb highly contagious pathogens that seem to thrive in high humidity. By September, … Read more

Massive Collision on A15/E42: Trucks Collide and Packages Scatter Across the Road

2023-09-30 07:46:47 The collision occurred on the A15/E42 in the direction of Mons towards Liège, near Courcelles. of videos A first semi-trailer was parked on the emergency lane following a tire burst. A few dozen meters behind him, another truck, loaded with two trailers, was passing alongside him when the second trailer hit the parked … Read more

Receive a Letter from a University: Participate in the National Study on Mental Health Disorders and Get a Personal Feedback

2023-08-22 17:05:00 Do you dream of receiving a letter from a university, like Harry did with Hogwarts? You may soon be. But think again, you will not be told that you have the skills to become a sorcerer’s apprentice. As HLN reports, KU Leuven is preparing to send 8,500 letters to Belgians. The goal ? … Read more