The announcement of the divorce agreement triggered a tort lawsuit. Zhang Jizhong was sentenced to apologize to his ex-wife and compensate him – People’s Livelihood – China Industry Network

2023-12-02 00:09:00 Original title: Zhang Jizhong was sentenced to apologize to his ex-wife and compensate for infringement after announcing the divorce agreement. Yangtze Evening News (Reporter Zhang Nan) On November 30, the Beijing Internet Court made a first-instance judgment in the case of former famous CCTV director Fan Xinman suing famous director Zhang Jizhong for … Read more

False Accusations: SNCB Investigates Train Incident at Silly Station

2023-11-26 10:42:00 Turnaround… While an attendant blocked a train at Silly station last Thursday because she believed that the driver was drunk and that he had run red lights, it turns out that none of this is true . An investigation is being carried out at SNCB. The driver left the train at Silly station. … Read more

Top Hospitals and Health Systems Ranked by Nurses on Glassdoor: Nursing Satisfaction Index

2023-11-03 12:32:44 Thousands of nurses at 146 hospitals and health systems ranked their employers on Glassdoor by their senior leadership team. Researchers analyzed 150,000 Glassdoor reviews to create MIT Sloan Management Review‘s “Nursing Satisfaction Index,” which also measures nurses’ thoughts on their workload, compensation and organizational support. Read more about the methodology here. The reviews … Read more

Understanding Medical Part-Time: Benefits, Authorization, and Compensation

2023-11-01 13:00:00 What is medical part-time? Before talking about dismissal, a quick reminder of the concept of medical part-time. This formula is intended to help people who are unable to work to return to professional activity. Part-time is not the only existing option: it is possible to return to work 1/5 time, if your state … Read more

Comfacundi: Enhancing Quality of Life and Promoting Development for Colombians

2023-10-31 14:21:00 Through different initiatives, Comfacundi, the Family Compensation Fund of Bogotá and Cundinamarca, has dedicated itself to improving the quality of life of Colombians, offering comprehensive health care services, tourism, subsidies, housing, education, recreation, credit social among others. It strives to satisfy the basic needs of its members and their families through benefits that … Read more

Chinese Woman Fired and Paid with Thousands of Coins: An Insulting Tale of Salary Compensation

2023-10-27 07:40:29 The company gave the woman three thousand coins weighing dozens of kilograms. (Picture/Weibo) A woman in mainland China said she was fired from her job last month. When it came time to pay her salary recently, her boss used 3,000 coins weighing dozens of kilograms to pay her salary. In response, the woman … Read more

Who is to blame if you crash your car because of mud, snow or an animal?

2023-10-24 16:50:15 Besides depressing us, autumn also brings its share of hassles on the roads. And let’s not even talk about winter. Of course, rain recharges the water tables, and snow is pretty. But all that is slipping. And what about the roads covered in mud after farmers’ tractors have passed through in the middle … Read more

New Saudi Aviation Law: Airlines Face Huge Compensation for Canceled or Delayed Flights

2023-08-24 13:30:25 Jeddah: Airlines will have to pay huge compensation to passengers if their flight is canceled or delayed. Saudi Arabia is preparing to implement a new law regarding this. The new aviation law announced by the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation contains notable instructions and conditions. The new law will come into force … Read more