Toyota launches an advanced, fuel-efficient four-wheel drive… Get to know it

Toyota unveiled the new Innova, which it designed to be a large and sophisticated family SUV at the same time. The new car got some external modifications compared to the previous Innova cars, as it was equipped with newer LED lamps, and some additions were made in the form of shock absorbers and air vents … Read more

6 reasons to get the new HUAWEI nova Y61 during the sales season

The HUAWEI nova Y series has impressed many with its design philosophy, powerful performance, and smooth user experience. As a smartphone series designed with the younger generation in mind, the HUAWEI nova Y series evolves according to the needs of younger users. The latest phone in the series, the HUAWEI nova Y61, inherits the well-known … Read more

The Chilean government must pay for the medical care of its citizens in a city in Patagonia

They are those from the southern region of the neighboring country, who cross to be treated at the Esquel hospital. In emergencies they will continue to assist you for free. Starting next month, the Chilean government will take over pay for medical care of the citizens of that country who attend in Chubut. It will … Read more

Watch .. A knight pushes his colleague off his horse during a horse race in France • Al Marsad Newspaper

Exclusive translation: A video clip documented the Belgian jockey Christophe Sommillon pushing his competitor, Rosa Ryan, from his horse and dropping him in the middle of the horse racing circuit in France. Christophe Sommillon paid the final penalty for his egregious behavior in St Cloud last week when fellow jockey Rosa Ryan was kicked out … Read more

“We turn on our pump twice a year”

Published on Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 7:25 p.m. Thanks to geothermal energy, the inhabitants of the Quartier Bleu only pay 100 € per month for their heating. Explanations. The energy crisis affects all Belgians. Nevertheless, some companies are trying to find solutions to help local residents. This is particularly the case in the Quartier … Read more