The Ministry of Culture has found the main cause of tension in Latvian society

The Ministry of Culture notes that shared memories of past events and their collective recollection are a prerequisite for creating in people a feeling of closeness both to their country and to the European Union. The plan emphasizes that understanding history is one of the factors influencing how people perceive and understand different values. In … Read more

Poland liberalizes the right to abortion without explanation (VIDEO)

“This is not about medicine, but about human rights,” – this is how Donald Tusk commented on the Sejm’s decision to transfer draft amendments on abortion to an emergency commission. The Polish Sejm sent all draft amendments to abortion laws proposed by members of the ruling coalition to an emergency commission for consideration. “This is … Read more

What are the most important questions in a job interview?

The first impression “is never forgotten” and is crucial when it comes to a interview of job; where recruiters wait answers more assertive and concrete when talking about yourself, your experience professional and the reasons that make you the best candidate. The search site Indeed employment explained that “breaking the ice” during a job interview … Read more

During the holidays, there is a risk of poisoning from egg dyes and garden chemicals.

During Easter, the Poison Helpline often receives calls in cases where a child has put or swallowed egg dye. “For example, a concerned mother contacted us, whose child the day before ate, along with candy, a green coloring tablet dissolved in water to color eggs. After this, the child slept restlessly at night, and in … Read more

The expert proposed to completely stop trade with Russia

“People may think that this is too extreme a step. But we have now come to the point where there are so many restrictions that it is easier to say that there is only one restriction – no trade. And then make some exceptions, for example, for medicines that can be transported across the border. … Read more

“Gérard Miller, the prosecutor in the dock”

By Noémie Halioua Published on 02/09/2024 at 7:08 p.m., Updated on 02/09/2024 at 7:14 p.m. Gérard Miller, in November 2019. JOEL SAGET / AFP FIGAROVOX/MOOD – Psychoanalyst Gérard Miller is accused of rape and sexual assault during hypnosis sessions. For the journalist, author of The Terror Even Beneath Our Sheets, he is nevertheless the first … Read more

Al-Marsad newspaper: Cristiano Ronaldo’s intriguing conversation with Al-Hilal President Fahd bin Nafel at Riyadh 2023 season opening ceremony

2023-10-29 01:21:35 Al-Marsad newspaper: A short clip documented a side conversation between Portuguese Al-Nasr player Cristiano Ronaldo and Al-Hilal President Fahd bin Nafel, while attending the opening ceremony of the Riyadh 2023 season. The President of Al Hilal and Cristiano exchanged smiles and conversations, as social media pioneers interacted with the smiling snapshot between the … Read more

“Hubert Reeves, the love of science and its shared heritage”

2023-10-19 10:40:08 By Aurélie Jean Published 1 minute ago, Updated now Hubert Reeves. MATTHIEU ALEXANDRE / AFP FIGAROVOX/CHRONICLE – Our columnist pays tribute to the astrophysicist who died on October 13. Hubert Reeves showed the way to all scientists keen to inspire the vocation of science in future generations. Aurélie Jean is a doctor of … Read more