Amazfit Active Smartwatch: The Ultimate Guide and Review | Order Now on Shopee

2023-12-02 07:52:30 Amazfit (Amazfit) announced the launch of Amazfit Active, the latest smartwatch that answers the various active activities of today’s people. Amazfit Active brings the strengths of the previous Amazfit series that received. The widely popular Amazfit GTS and Amazfit GTS Mini come together in this model. Whether it’s modern technology and a large … Read more

Prime Minister Kishida announces additional spending of 13.1 trillion yen in economic measures to “completely overcome deflation” | Reuters

2023-11-02 03:06:37 On November 2nd, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida (pictured) announced at a government and ruling party policy meeting that the supplementary budget for comprehensive economic measures would be 13.1 trillion yen, and the amount including fixed tax cuts would amount to around 17 trillion yen. The photo was taken in March in Tokyo (2023, … Read more

Cardiovascular risks: the ANSM once again warns about vasoconstrictors – In the news

2023-10-23 08:04:07 October 23, 2023 Actifed, Dolirhume, Humex Rhume, Rhinadvil… The National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM) is once again warning of the risks of vasoconstrictor drugs used against the common cold. A priori harmless – even if no medication is – they would expose you to cardiovascular risks (myocardial infarction, stroke, etc.). In 2015, vasoconstrictors … Read more

Exploring Io’s Enchanting Lava-Filled Surface: Stunning Images Captured by NASA’s Juno Probe

2023-10-19 20:00:57 NASA captured new images of Jupiter’s moon Io and its lava-filled surface. In the images taken by the Juno probe, the surface of the moon appears covered in swirls of light and dark spots and large areas of molten red spots. Dark red, magma-colored specks can be seen spread across the moon in … Read more

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 and Smart Band 8 Active: Innovative Designs and Advanced Health Tracking Features

2023-10-18 23:00:11 Xiaomi Thailand has announced the sale of two new smart bands, the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 and the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Active. Both come with similar features that are fully equipped for exercise. and health tracking function But the difference is the design shape. And regarding the price, the Xiaomi Smart Band … Read more

Amazfit Active is launched with AMOLED screen, GPS and 14-day battery life

2023-10-06 18:17:50 Amazfit Active: the revolutionary smart watch that will change your life! 1.75 AMOLED screen, 14-day battery life and water resistance. Get yours now for just R$151! A Amazfit launched a new smartwatch for the global market called Amazfit Active. The smartwatch has a square dial with a control button on the right side. … Read more