Unusual Personalized License Plates: Exploring the Surprising and Funny Ones on Our Roads

2023-09-27 12:02:49 Personalized plaque: “BAKAKI”, “JMENFOUS”… the most unusual ones encountered on our roads A few months ago, a license plate shocked a driver on the roads of Brussels. A Nazi reference that makes us wonder what the rules are in force for personalized plates. We know that we come across many of them on … Read more

Forecasted Growth in Egyptian Economy Driven by Increased Foreign Investments and State Budget Expenditure

2023-09-14 13:40:00 (Ecofin Agency) – The slight increase in expected growth, compared to the previous year, will mainly result from the increase in foreign investments and the increase in investment expenditure included in the state budget. Fitch Solutions estimated, in a report published Tuesday, September 12, that the Egyptian economy is expected to record growth … Read more

‘Private Life Controversy’ Rise Seung-han “Sorry for disappointing you”… SM “Sue the Distributor”

2023-08-30 10:33:14 Reporter Maara, Money Today | 2023.08.30 19:33 Seunghan, a member of Rise / Photo = Seunghan, a member of the rookie group RIIZE of SM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as SM), ahead of the group Rise’s official Instagram debut, apologized for the privacy controversy. On the 30th, Seunghan posted an article on Ryze’s … Read more

Is Now the Right Time to Order Heating Oil? Find Out the Latest Prices and Advice from Mons-Borinage Dealers

2023-08-30 15:10:00 Traditionally, it is during the summer period that a certain number of citizens fill their tank in anticipation of winter, in order to take advantage of more attractive rates. However, with the significant increase in the price of heating oil in recent weeks, many are wondering: is this the ideal time to place … Read more

Alert: New Variant ‘Eris’ in France – Symptoms, Impact, and Reassurances

2023-08-11 04:30:00 In France, we alert on the new variant “Eris”, derived from Omicron and whose positive cases are increasing. A variant which, reassures the infectiologist Yves Van Laethem, does not require that we be alarmist. “It’s a variant that causes classic flu-like symptoms,” he notes. “Fever, body aches, headaches… for the majority of patients. … Read more

Paid Parking Woes in Charleroi: The Challenges and Alternatives

2023-08-06 08:06:25 While it is integrated and accepted in many cities of the country, paid parking throughout the intra-ring, and a little outside, still goes badly with many Carolos. Perhaps because the first Walloon metropolis made the transition later than some of its neighbours… Perhaps also because of the lack of an alternative solution, for … Read more