How to know if you are blocked by a contact on Whatsapp?

A contact you had on Whatsapp no ​​longer responds to your messages and calls. Many reasons could explain this silence. However, it could also be that he has simply blocked you, in which case, it would probably be better to know what it is. How to get to the bottom of it? Of all applicationsapplications … Read more

how to deactivate geolocation data on your smartphone?

Google tracks your location even when your mobile’s geolocation is turned off. Here’s how to really stop the internet giant from tracking you. To prevent your smartphone does not record your actions and gestures, it is possible to block geolocation. Except that researchers have discovered that the applicationsapplications Google continue to record your movements. Here’s … Read more

“Intimacy level, we have known better” (video)

Many Belgians have opened their doors to Ukrainian refugees who had to flee their country to escape death. If this gesture is honorable, a year later, certain situations are still quite precarious. And sometimes entire families have not yet found accommodation. So they stay with the locals. of videos And these situations can be difficult … Read more

‘Hidden on the terrace of the adjacent building and took pictures of me’; Alia shares her ordeal

22 February 2023, 08:06 PM IST Alia Bhatt’s Instagram Story / Alia Bhatt | Photo: Instagram/ Alia Bhatt VeeBollywood actress Alia Bhatt against the paparazzi who took her photo without permission. In her Instagram story, Alia wrote that two people took her picture from the terrace of a nearby house and it was an invasion … Read more

Artificial intelligence in the age of personal data protection

Artificial intelligence is entering our daily life through connected accessories, such as watches, or even home automation. These AIs seek to learn more and more about us to make our lives easier, but they can do so to the detriment of sometimes very sensitive personal data. To better control them, Europe is working on a … Read more

WhatsApp fined 5.5 million euros in Europe for breaking privacy laws | Technology

The icon of the WhatsApp application on the phone screen. (Photo: AFP/VNA) On January 19, WhatsApp’s messaging app Meta was fined 5.5 million euros ($5.95 million) for continuing to violate European Union (EU) privacy laws. Data Protection Commission (DPC) Ireland – the country where Facebook is headquartered, Twitter in Europe, acting as the EU’s privacy … Read more