“Protect yourself from used car fraud: Tips for buyers, especially women – Al-Marsad Newspaper”

2023-05-29 15:03:18 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Journalist Abdul Rahman Al-Murshed revealed the two most prominent methods of fraud in used cars, indicating that women are the most vulnerable category. He said during an intervention with Al-Ikhbariya channel: “Fraud in used cars is done through “tape” and manipulation through applications and social media. He explained: “The stripes are … Read more

“Shocking Expose: Damaged Cars Being Sold at High Prices in Auctions – Al-Marsad Newspaper”

2023-05-28 12:43:13 Al-Marsad Newspaper: A citizen was surprised that his damaged car was offered for auction in a car auction, indicating that he had found his damaged car among the exhibits by chance. The citizen documented the moment his car was displayed in the auction with the same plate numbers, which appeared in good condition … Read more

Can You Own an Electric Car Without Installing a Charging Station at Home? Tips for Using Public Charging Networks.

2023-05-27 10:30:00 “I live in an apartment without the possibility of installing a charging station at home, but I would like to acquire a Hyundai IONIQ 5. Is it possible to rely solely on the public charging network? How much more expensive is public charging than home charging? Is it economically viable to always recharge … Read more

2024 Porsche 718 Spyder RS ​​open top driving and 911 GT3 engine

2023-05-09 22:04:00 You are no doubt familiar with the models Porsche 718 Boxster et 718 Cayman, Porsche’s entry-level convertible and coupé. Both are available with different engines, but the Cayman benefits from two even more exploded versions, the 718 Cayman GT4 and 718 Cayman GT4 RS. As for the 718 Boxster, the manufacturer introduced the … Read more

“Food and Drug Authority Bans Potassium Bromate in Baked Goods: Risks of Cancer and Poisoning Revealed”

2023-05-08 20:51:52 Al-Marsad Newspaper: Director of the Health Food Department at the Food and Drug Authority, Faisal bin Snaid, revealed that the authority banned the use of “potassium bromate” in baked goods 10 years ago because it may cause cancer. He explained that this substance is added to bread to enhance the flavor and give … Read more