The Boeing Starliner is prepared for the first crewed flight to the ISS

The flight will be Starliner’s first crewed launch after two uncrewed test launches in 2019 and 2022. The upcoming launch will cap a decade and a half of development and, if successful, pave the way for Starliner missions to transport crews to the ISS. The Starliner project has been behind schedule for several years and … Read more

Already this year, military training will be introduced in Latvian schools

From the next academic year, the implementation of compulsory training in the field of national defense (VAM) will be included in the secondary education curriculum, according to amendments to the standard of general secondary education adopted by the government on Tuesday. VAM will become one of the core courses in health, safety and physical activity … Read more

2024 Olympics Stadium Appears on Paris Landmark 100 Days Beforehand – 2024-04-18 05:56:34

Paris prepares to host the 2024 Olympics by building infrastructure and grandstands at city landmarks, 100 days before the start of the event(AFP) IN front of the Eiffel Tower, stands emerged from a mass of scaffolding, while at the historic Place de la Concorde, forklift trucks moved quickly carrying building materials. Across Paris, plans that … Read more

Kim Jong-un was able to climb into the world’s most secret tank (VIDEO)

North Korea’s state news agency (KCNA) published photographs of Kim Jong-un, who attended training maneuvers and even personally drove the new tank. Kim reportedly expressed great satisfaction with the striking power and maneuverability of the new combat vehicle, calling the tank “the most powerful in the world.” Moreover, Pyongyang disseminated these messages at a time … Read more

Aldila/Miyu Kato Ready to Face Japanese Doubles at Miami Open – 2024-03-22 03:53:43

Aldila Sutjiadi, Indonesian tennis player, and her partner Miyu Kato from Japan, will face Japanese women’s doubles Makoto Ninomiya/Eri Hozumi(AFP) Indonesian women’s tennis player Aldila Sutjiadi and her Japanese partner Miyu Kato prepare to face Japanese women’s doubles Makoto Ninomiya/Eri Hozumi in the first round of the 2024 Miami Open in Florida, United States. “We … Read more

NMT-2024: all about the national multi-subject test

Photo: Entrants will take the test during one day in two stages, each of which will last two hours Preparations for the 2024 entry campaign are underway in Ukraine. The dates when future applicants will take the NMT are already known. There is also an explanation of what to do for students from the … Read more

Authentic Peruvian Sole Ceviche Recipe – Easy and Delicious

2023-12-12 20:51:00 INGREDIENTS: 400 g sole fillet, 1/2 tsp. chopped cilantro, 1 tsp. ground garlic, 1 tsp. red limo chili without veins or seeds, juice of 8 lemons, 2 feathered onions, 2 leaves of crespa lettuce, 1/2 yellow sweet potato, 1/4 shelled parboiled corn, salt. PREPARATION Divide the sole fillet into halves and discard the … Read more

The Impact of Pesticide Exposure on Male Fertility: A Recent Study Revealed

2023-11-19 07:36:21 Al-Marsad newspaper: A recent study revealed that exposure to pesticides reduces sperm concentration in adult men around the world. Pesticide The study stressed the need to reduce exposure to the two types of pesticides under study, to preserve male fertility. The researchers noted that other studies have shown that semen quality is declining … Read more