U.S. Abrams Tanks Arrive in Ukraine to Strengthen Brigades: What You Need to Know

2023-09-26 22:20:02 ”Good news from Defense Minister Rustem Umérov. The Abrams are already in Ukraine and are preparing to reinforce our brigades… I thank our allies for fulfilling the agreements!” Zelensky wrote on Telegram. READ ALSO: Ukrainian special services would be behind attacks on the forces supported by Wagner in Sudan In January of this … Read more

Preparing for the Mosquito Invasion: Weather Conditions and Risks Explained

2023-09-12 20:29:27 They are making their comeback. After weather that was not favorable for them during a month of June that was too humid and too windy, it seems that the weather over the next few days will be favorable for mosquitoes. “The weather conditions are excellent. Locally, there will be many more mosquitoes than … Read more

Revolutionizing Wars at Sea: Ukraine’s Experimental Marine Drones Target Russian Vessels and Crimean Bridge

2023-08-17 15:58:55 Ukraine is using small experimental marine drones to attack Russian vessels and the strategic Crimean bridge. This was confirmed to CNN by the Ukrainian security services, who delivered to the news channel exclusive images of these devices that could revolutionize wars at sea in the future. In this way, the Security Service of … Read more

Face à l’invasion de sangliers, la commune de Chaudfontaine va relancer rapidement des chasses ciblées – Unlimited Access for €4 the First Month

2023-08-10 17:00:00 ** ** ** ***** **** *** **** **** ******* ******** ** ************* *********** ** ******* **** ** ******** ** ********* ** ***** ***** ** ******* ********** *** *** ********** ***** *** ** ** ********** **** ********** ****** **** ** ****** ********** ** * * ****** ********* **** *** ******* *** ******* ************* *** … Read more

Drone Strikes Target Financial District of Moscow: Can Russia’s Defense Hold Up?

2023-08-07 10:42:46 On Sunday July 30 and Tuesday August 2, the financial district of Moscow was the target of drone strikes that hit one of the luxurious skyscrapers in the area. LOOK: Russia would use the nuclear weapon if the Ukrainian counteroffensive is successful: Can this threat be taken seriously? These attacks did not leave … Read more

Angry Woman Attacks Arab Tourists in London for Not Joining Qur’an Burning Protest: Al-Marsad Newspaper

2023-07-14 20:28:07 Al-Marsad Newspaper: An angry woman attacked a number of Arab tourists inside a restaurant in London for not participating in a demonstration against the burning of the Qur’an in Sweden. The woman appeared screaming at a number of Muslims sitting outside the restaurant, repeating the phrase “Wake up, wake up” to urge them … Read more