“Killer of Ronald Berti Requests Release: Outrage from the Widow” – The Fight for Justice and Safety

2023-12-06 17:04:44 “If I don’t want to meet him, it would be up to me to move even though I have two children… I’m revolted! », says Séverine Lecomte Berti straight away. The latter has been in shock since she learned that Gianni Piparo, the killer of her companion Ronald, was asking to be released … Read more

Fatal Stabbing in Jupille: Details of Neighborhood Conflict and Tragic Deaths

2023-12-05 03:00:00 On November 17, Daniel Saye (67) and his daughter, Natacha (24), were fatally stabbed by their neighbor, Alain Putters (60) following yet another neighborhood conflict. The events took place in an apartment building located on rue des Canonniers, in the city of the same name, in Jupille. of videos The author of these … Read more

Renauld Arnould: Fighting Back Against Unfair Taxes in Saint-Hubert

2023-11-15 11:00:00 Renauld Arnould set up as an independent in Saint-Hubert in 1996. An eternity for a business these days… Today, it’s a real rant that he makes, upon receiving letters synonymous with taxes to pay. of videos Two bills particularly make him tick: the tax on terraces, even though he didn’t want one and … Read more

Is it Legal to Prohibit Children from Entering Restaurants? Expert Opinions and Legal Analysis

2023-11-10 14:07:00 Published on Monday August 7, 2023 at 11:10 a.m. Is it legal to prohibit children from entering a restaurant? We asked the question in November 2021 to the director of the center for equal opportunities, Patrick Charlier. He told us that the center is contacted several times a year for what can be … Read more

Parfums de cuisine: The Renowned Gourmet Restaurant in Namur Facing Customer Criticism

2023-11-09 16:30:00 The gourmet restaurant “Parfums de cuisine” is renowned in Namur. But recently, Fanny and Roméo, the couple who took over the establishment at the beginning of the year, had to face a virulent comment from a customer of their catering service. Read also Namur: the chef of “Parfums de cuisine” is retiring ******** … Read more