Milla Jovovich rejected a dress where her siskies would be visible (VIDEO)

Fashion historian and fashion journalist Olga Mikhailovskaya spoke about the unforgettable experience of collaborating with actress Milla Jovovich. The Hollywood diva and her mother, Galina Loginova, created “hell” on the set. Olga Mikhailovskaya photographed Milla Jovovich for the cover of the first issue of the Russian edition of InStyle. The venue was organized in Los … Read more

The important announcement from Aziz Ndiaye on the fight

2023-11-24 23:32:44 For several days, rumors concerning a potential fight between Balla Gaye 2 and Siteu have been agitating the world of Senegalese wrestling. To dispel the mystery surrounding this possibility, the Lion of Guédiawaye advisor, Aziz Ndiaye, spoke to provide clarification. According to Aziz Ndiaye, no door is closed regarding the possibility of a … Read more

Three new members from the VTuber/virtual liver group “Nijisanji” have debuted! Activity starts today, November 21, 2023 (Tuesday)! |Press release from ANYCOLOR Co., Ltd.

2023-11-21 03:00:03 From the VTuber/virtual liver group “Nijisanji”, three new livers have debuted today. Each liver’s X (formerly Twitter) account will start today, November 21, 2023 (Tuesday). From now on, we will be actively working on distribution platforms such as X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube. Click here for the debut teaser video where you can … Read more

LIVE: Lac de Guiers 2 responds to Siteu, the clash of the titans is launched (video)

2023-11-15 18:14:52 In the absence of an open press, like its opponent Siteu, Lac de Guiers 2 decided to hold a press conference. The Guédiawaye wrestler will thus address the various questions linked to his fight next Sunday. Follow his speech live on SeneNews TV. → ALSO READ: LIVE: Diamaguene on fire, follow Siteu’s open-press … Read more

MOVINdow: The Ultimate Multi Video Player for Sports, E-Sports, and More! Try it Now for Free!

2023-10-17 03:17:41 MOVIndow is mainly used for sports, e-sports, games, video distribution, remote meetings, medical care, etc., which allows you to simultaneously play videos on two or more screens on a display such as a TV or smartphone, and freely scale the size of each video for viewing. This is a new technology that can … Read more

Get Beautiful Skin with the Award-Winning Misha Vita C Plus Series: High Penetration Liposomal Vitamin C Skincare

2023-09-17 23:00:01 Bescos *²We will be conducting a peel-off sampling of trial pouches containing two pieces of the award-winning “Misha Vita C Plus Lotion” and two pieces of “Misha Vita C Plus Serum” in one bag. Why not get beautiful skin like SANA with the “Vita C Plus Series”, which contains high penetration*³ liposomal vitamin … Read more