Biden and Trump battle head-to-head – 2024-05-17 20:02:41

Joe Biden and his opponent within the November presidential election, Donald Trump, are combating head-to-head. About 40 % of registered voters mentioned within the eight-day ballot, which ended Tuesday, that they might vote for Biden if the elections had been held at the moment, with a corresponding proportion selecting the previous president Trump. A earlier … Read more

At the Trump trial, new standoff over his attacks on witnesses and jurors

After two campaign rallies, Donald Trump returned Thursday to his trial in New York for hidden payments in 2016 to a former porn actress, who resumed with a new standoff over his attacks on witnesses and jurors. Before the resumption of the proceedings, Judge Juan Merchan examined a new round of unbridled statements from the … Read more

“I’m an adult against a six-year-old child” – 2024-04-30 17:39:43

The American president Joe Biden called his opponent in November’s presidential election, the former president, a “six-year-old child.” Donald Trumpin his speech at the annual Correspondents’ Association dinner, while pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside the building. Many famous guests, journalists and celebrities, arrived at the Hilton hotel in Washington, as about 100 protesters gathered near its … Read more

Why is Trump’s ‘Bible’ bothering some Christians?

The recent sale of a Bible themed by the former president Donald Trump has generated a wave of criticism and controversy among religious circles. This patriotic copy of the Christian Bible, emblazoned with Lee Greenwood’s famous song, “God Bless theUSA,” has raised concerns about the integrity of the Christian faith and the separation between religion … Read more

US: Trump at risk of seizures – Unable to guarantee $454 million in financial fraud fines – 2024-03-22 14:42:06

THE Donald Trump unable to pay in New York justice guarantee that he will repay the fines of 454 million dollars imposed on him for financial fraud to his real estate group, following his conviction in a civil trial in February, his lawyers protested on Monday. In a nearly 5,000-page court document posted online yesterday … Read more

Trump: Implied about Prince Harry’s US residency – ‘Did he lie about his visa?’ – 2024-03-21 06:14:46

In an interview that will be broadcast on the evening of Tuesday, March 19, 2024, the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, left spikes regarding the permission of Prince Harry to stay in the country. In the interview given by Donald Trump to far-right ex-politician Nigel Farage himself hinted that the prince Harry … Read more