The US is about to give copyright to content created with artificial intelligence

The US is set to mandate copyright for content created with artificial intelligence if there is significant human involvement. The US Copyright Office has also issued new guidance in this regard. It specifies that content produced using advanced artificial intelligence technologies should be protected by copyright. The US Copyright Office has decided that most such … Read more

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Studio Creator Hosts are on stage! 2 major e-commerce exclusive sales

NVIDIA announced the launch of the GeForce RTX Studio creator host, which will be exclusively listed on MOMO shopping network and PChome 24h shopping from now on. (Photo provided by NVIDIA) NVIDIA Huida officially launched the GeForce RTX Studio creator host in Taiwan, starting todayMOMO shopping networkandPChome 24h shoppingExclusively on sale. GeForce RTX Studio creator … Read more

China’s Tsinghua University develops technology to improve safety of autonomous vehicles-Xinhua

[신화망 베이징 3월18일] Tsinghua University in China is speeding up the development of autonomous driving technology with an emphasis on safety. A research team led by Professor Yang Diange of the Vehicle and Loading Academy of Tsinghua University recently announced that it had succeeded in developing a ‘continuous and reliable evolution technology’ for self-driving cars. … Read more

The trend is ‘productivity app’… Generative AI service for businesses

(Photo = shutterstock) Productivity apps, which use artificial intelligence (AI) to produce things, have been found to be gaining popularity. TechCrunch reported on the 9th (local time) that productivity applications for businesses that use generative AI such as ‘ChatGPT’ to compose emails, summarize documents, and suggest ideas are becoming very popular, and many companies are … Read more

Microsoft 365 will add more convenient accessibility features to improve work productivity #AI (190457)

Microsoft said that it will use artificial intelligence technology to promote more auxiliary functions to make it easier for users to use its service products. recently heldMicrosoft Ability Summit ActivitiesOn the Internet, Microsoft revealed that it will add a digital assistant function to the Microsoft 365 service, so as to make it easier for users … Read more