«We would all choose family medicine if it was as it says on paper… But the reality is different»

When you are little and you dream of being a doctor, what you really think about is family medicine, the doctor who attends, treats and monitors the patient. But later…”. And that ‘later’ hides a reality with which the majority of those who yesterday took the MIR tests in Oviedo, to choose the specialty to … Read more

Warriors Green beat Poole to surprise fans in the American basketball world: the basic operation of the sixth? _training_video_season

Original title: Warriors Green beat Poole to surprise fans in the American basketball world: the basic operation of the sixth? TMZ obtained and released a video of the Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green and Jordan Poole training with the team on the 8th Beijing time. The fight between Greenpool and Greenpool was first reported by … Read more

TEST Red Matter 2: red suits him so well on Meta Quest 2

Four years after the release of its cult game, the studio Vertical Robot sign the arrival of Red Matter 2the second episode of the license, directly following the first opus (read our review) and using the codes that have made this game one of the most beautiful experiences in virtual reality on our autonomous headsets. … Read more

Graphene is preparing to be the “miracle” material of 21st century medicine

As a pioneer in the use of graphene, Dr. Victoria Tsai, co-founder of the now-defunct Graphene Frontiers and currently commercial manager at TELA Bio (Malvern, Pennsylvania, USA), stressed that the good performance of graphene allows it to be classified as a “miracle” material for 21st century medicine. Thanks to its excellent conductivity… As a pioneer … Read more

Russia launches a harsh accusation against Norway and threatens retaliation

Richard Branson, the British billionaire founder of Virgin Galactic, visited the city of Hostomel, in the kyiv region, where in the first weeks of the Russian invasion there was violent fighting between Moscow troops and Ukrainian defenders. The head of the Hostomel military administration, Taras Dumenko, wrote on Telegram that Branson is showing full support … Read more

Support the recovery and development of areas and industries severely affected by the epidemic, and launch “24 services” on the New Third Board of the Beijing Stock Exchange _ Oriental Fortune Net

On May 31, on the basis of the “18 Services”, the National Equities Exchange and Quotations and the Beijing Stock Exchange launched 24 measures to optimize self-regulatory services (referred to as “Services 24”) in light of the actual market conditions, to support areas and countries severely affected by the epidemic. The industry resumes development. Specifically, … Read more