Heineken loses 10.2 billion on sale of Russian business for 1 euro – Free Finance

2023-08-26 01:04:41 Withdrawing from the Russian market, Heineken sells the Russian business for 1 euro. (Associated Press)☆Drinking too much alcohol is harmful to health, and drinking and driving is prohibited☆ [Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report]After the Ukrainian-Russian war broke out, foreign-funded enterprises withdrew from the Russian market one after another, but the Kremlin retaliated by seizing some … Read more

“Biden Approves Alabama Major Disaster Declaration: Federal Assistance for Storm and Tornado Affected Areas”

2023-05-05 22:29:00 Summary [Biden Approves Alabama Major Disaster Declaration]U.S. President Biden approved the Alabama Major Disaster Declaration on May 5 local time. Provides federal assistance to areas affected by storms and tornadoes. Federal assistance funds are available on a cost-share basis to state, tribal, and eligible local governments, as well as to select private nonprofit … Read more

in Latvia they catch and judge “money mules”

The defendants were sentenced to prison terms ranging from three to five years, depending on the role of each defendant in the organized group. For 11 members of the group, the sentences were given conditionally and with a probationary period. Let us recall in this connection: “money mules” are people through whom criminal groups launder … Read more

Unanimous: Senate commission generally approves reform that enables new constituent process | National

This Monday the Constitution Commission of the Senate approved in general the reform that enables a new constitutional process. It is worth mentioning that indications may be submitted until noon tomorrow, which will be voted on Wednesday. The constitution committee of the Senate In general, it approved the reform project that enables the new constitutional … Read more

200 leaders and international figures ask Chileans to approve the new Constitution | National

Through a letter, a group of 200 international leaders and figures asked Chilean men and women to approve the new Constitution on September 4. The text highlights the most significant points contained in this proposal. A group of 200 international leaders and figures, including American intellectual Noam Chomsky and British parliamentarian Jeremy Corbyn, They asked … Read more

The youth decided the outcome of the campaign – Mir – Kommersant

On Monday, the results of the presidential elections in Kenya were announced. The country’s vice-president William Ruto became the new head of state, who managed to win over the younger part of the audience with the help of populist slogans. True, it was not without scandal. Most of the members of the Central Election Commission … Read more

The EU failed to agree on new sanctions, including the closure of borders for cargo transportation – News of Kaliningrad

EU diplomats failed to agree on Wednesday a new package of sanctions against the Russian Federation, which included the closure of maritime and land borders between Russia and the European Union for Russian carriers. About this on Wednesday, April 6, writes RIA Novosti with reference to the Archyde.com agency. “EU diplomats were unable to agree … Read more

Pfizer pill to treat COVID-19, China approves conditional import of Paxlovid

stick pill “Pfizer” Treating Covid-19 Paxlovid amid the epidemic Oh Micron or Omicron covid-19 mutant new strain of covid Omicron Of the most concern at this time, most recently, on Friday (February 11, 2022), the Chinese Medicine Administration gave conditional approval. Pfizer has already imported Paxlovid, a pill to treat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), from … Read more