Mercenary rescues friend from Russian captivity

The Ukraine war has been causing much suffering and destruction for over a year. But even in the darkest of times there are still rays of hope. A video with an unknown location documents how a Ukraine mercenary stormed a building – and unexpectedly ran into an old friend. The soldier, a New Zealander, searches … Read more

United States : Woman shoots her husband after discovering that he was abusing the children they cared for in their daycare | Shanteari Weems | James Weems | America

Shanteari Weems shot her husband James Weems when she discovered he was abusing children from their daycare in Maryland, United States. Photo: composition LR/WUSA9/LinkedIn Shanteari Weemsa 50-year-old woman, shot her still husband, James Weems (57), a retired police officer, after confronting him about the accusations that pointed to them as responsible for having child abused … Read more

in Latvia they catch and judge “money mules”

The defendants were sentenced to prison terms ranging from three to five years, depending on the role of each defendant in the organized group. For 11 members of the group, the sentences were given conditionally and with a probationary period. Let us recall in this connection: “money mules” are people through whom criminal groups launder … Read more

Iran is ready to exchange prisoners with Belgium under the “transfer of convicted persons” agreement concluded between the two countries

Iran said Monday that it was ready for a possible exchange for the prisoners With Belgium after the Belgian Constitutional Court approved an exchange of convicts with Tehran. During a press conference, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said, “After the decision of the Belgian Constitutional Court, we can say that the way is paved … Read more

Prisoner serving a 15-year sentence escapes prison by… pretending to be a sheep

Inmate José Luis Callisaya Diaz, also known as “El Araña” used his fleece jacket to sneak through security and attempt to break through one of the prison’s outer walls on February 4. . Despite the efforts escape prison security discovered Diaz, who was serving a 15-year sentence for murder, was not in his cell. José … Read more

After four years in Iran jail: This bodybuilder is just a touch of himself | politics

He had arms like other thighs and thighs like concrete pillars. Had. Then, on May 26, 2019, the mullah regime in Iran put him in jail. Now, on February 11th, he came out again – and is no longer recognizable … Khaled Pirzadeh once weighed 127 kilograms. All pure muscle. His biceps were 53 centimeters … Read more