Anticipating the Outcome for Next Weekend

Over the weekend, there were concerns regarding Belgium’s budget forecasts, leading to calls for the implementation of structural reforms, especially in employment and pensions. However, these issues were not discussed during the budget talks. On Sunday, the ministers of the De Croo government carried out a thorough examination of the monitoring committee’s report, analyzing the … Read more

US authorities arrest FBI account hacker

This week, US law enforcement authorities arrested the person allegedly responsible for the FBI hack in 2021. According to The Verge, last week FBI agents arrested Connor Brian Fitzpatrick on suspicion of running BreachForums. According to The Verge report, the administrator of the BreachForums website, which goes by the name “Bomborin”, is responsible for or … Read more The theft of the script of the multimillion-dollar Marvel movie: the film studio goes to court

Marvel Studios has filed a petition in the federal district court of California. The goal is to identify Reddit users who posted dialogue from the Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania blockbuster script a month before its release. The text appeared on the Web on January 20. Reddit has not officially commented on the situation. … Read more

Thwarting the smuggling of more than 100 artifacts in Wasit

According to a statement, the Commission’s Investigation Department said, “The Commission’s investigation office in Wasit Governorate received information through one of its reporting outlets that some trespassers on an archaeological site located between the districts of Al-Numaniyah and Al-Ahrar in the province extracted antiquities and sold them through a smuggling network within the province.” without … Read more

The federal government publishes the results of the “big survey” on the future of the country: “It is not representative”

A striking observation: the group of experts who compiled the responses qualifies the results of this consultation as “not representative” of the opinion of Belgians. This was not the goal, explain the ministers Annelies Verlinden and David Clarinval, both competent in matters of institutional reform. “Thanks to the wide range of visions and recommendations of … Read more

Justice refused to release Facundo Jones Huala, who is on hunger strike and is still detained in Bariloche

The violent Mapuche activist Facundo Jones Hualawho had been a fugitive from the Chilean Justice for a year and was arrested at dawn last Monday in a neighborhood of El Bolsón by police from the province of Río Negro, initiated a hunger strike at the Dina Huapi police station where he is staying. Meanwhile, federal … Read more