The crack market is exploding: the problem of drug use in metro stations in Charleroi under the magnifying glass

In Brussels, the consumption of narcotics in metro stations has seen a spectacular increase between 2021 and 2022. As Walloon MP Mourad Sahli reports in a written question to the Minister for Mobility Philippe Henry, the number of drug reports rose by 70%, a phenomenon linked to the explosion of the crack market in the … Read more

“They continue on their way on foot”

Bad surprise this Thursday morning for people who have to go to Charleroi airport. Since 6 a.m., the police unions have set up filter barriers disrupting access to the site. It is in front of the airport access roundabout that pickets have been installed, at the level of the service station. This filtering dam allows … Read more

10 years in prison for Deogracias, accused of rape by fourteen victims

Deogracias Bossa Domba was sentenced to ten years in prison. This dance teacher raged for several years in parties in Charleroi and abused a dozen victims. The Charleroi Criminal Court also ordered his immediate arrest. The individual, subject to a European arrest warrant, has still not been arrested by the authorities. They are fourteen to … Read more

Charleroi police warning!

The Charleroi police have published a warning message on Facebook about this increasingly widespread practice among the population. Indeed, many Belgians connect at home to illegal IPTV. The opportunity for the Charleroi police to recall everything you need to know on this subject and the risks involved. Because in Belgium, several thousand people have succumbed … Read more

An unconscious elderly woman raped by another patient in the emergency room of Notre-Dame hospital in Charleroi

The lady was in an emergency “box”, unconscious, when another patient attacked her, no doubt taking advantage of a moment of inattention. The man would have removed her diaper to rape her, as indicated by our colleagues from the DH. The information was confirmed by the Charleroi prosecutor’s office: “An elderly person was at Notre-Dame … Read more

“I was seized with a pressing desire after work…”

Stopping on the side of the road to satisfy a craving can lead to big trouble… Even for a man. Kevin knows something about it: he has been called an exhibitionist. He fiercely denies. ************** *** ******* ** ********** ** **** ******* **** *** **** ** ******* ** ******* ****** ***** **** ******* ***** ********* … Read more