A crisis has arisen in the payment system of one of the world’s largest economies

India’s payments system, one of the world’s largest economies, has been plagued by crises and numerous failures due to banks’ outdated technology, which has not kept pace with the growth of digital payments in the country, which has grown fivefold since 2017. About it writes Bloomberg. Just this week, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) … Read more

New payment in Holy Week, who will receive and what amounts – 2024-04-28 06:50:16

Another “bunch” of retroactive beneficiaries, which resulted after a recalculation of their pension, will be paid M. Monday to M. Tuesday. This particular group will see their bank account “inflated” by almost 15,000 euros, based on the relevant estimates, while there are no shortage of cases that will reach 50,000 euros! The amounts in question … Read more

Paper.id CEO Yosia Sugialam Selected as the 96th Endeavor Entrepreneur – 2024-04-28 02:14:22

Josia Sugialam, CEO and Co-Founder of Paper.id. (far right)(Doc Paper.id) BILLING and payments are two crucial aspects of carrying out business transactions, but they often pose significant obstacles for many companies. Obstacles such as complicated manual processes, delays in payments, and the risk of administrative errors can have a major impact on a company’s cash … Read more

By Holy Wednesday its payment – ​​How do you calculate it? – 2024-04-23 01:32:34

How and how do the employees expect the payment of the Easter gift in order to do the necessary shopping both for the Easter table and not only. Thus, it is expected until Holy Wednesday (1/5), which is also the final payment date, that private sector workers will see the Easter gift in their bank … Read more

On Friday the payment of the installment of the first two months of 2024 – 2024-03-29 20:00:34

Peloponnese Newsroom Next Friday, March 29, 2024, OPECA will pay the first bimonthly installment of the A21 child allowance for 2024. This payment of child benefit-A21 which is granted by OPECA concerns the first two months of 2024 (January – February 2024) and its amount is determined by the income declared by the beneficiaries for … Read more

Don’t do this! Swedbank warned its clients

The bank states that Swedbank is increasingly receiving messages from clients who were deceived and entrusted their payment cards and PIN codes to criminals. Under the guise of “security experts” or “police officers,” scammers manage to convince people that payment cards need to be scrapped or checked. The most common reasons for handing over payment … Read more