kicked a doctor, broke his glasses, and the police don’t even see the “administrative card”

The police were called. After a four-month investigation, it was concluded that there was no administrative violation. The cost of glasses can only be returned in court. Laura believes that the patient should have received a fine because “even for an illegally parked car we get fines.” But not for assault. “I wonder what the … Read more

How to turn physical exercise into an ally against the flu | Get informed

Our free time can play a vital role in defending against winter threats. And physical activity and exercise, in particular, can become your best ally in dealing with the flu and pneumonia. The intersection between physical activity and the prevention of respiratory diseases is an area of ​​study that is increasingly relevant to public health. … Read more

Remembering Singer Buzy: Her Relatives Announce the Sad News

2023-11-16 08:09:22 It was his relatives who announced the sad news. Youtube The music world is in mourning. Singer Buzy, known for her 1980s hits “Body physical” and “Dyslexique,” ​​has died at the age of 66. Her relatives, who announced the sad news, simply specified that she had died of an “illness”, without saying more. … Read more

Emirati Artist Hussein Al Jasmi’s Prayers for a Mysterious Patient Spark Concerns Among Fans: Latest Updates and Reactions

2023-07-29 05:56:14 Emirati artist Hussein Al Jasmi raised the concern of his fans because of what he previously published on the “X” platform, “Twitter”, where he prayed for the recovery of a patient without mentioning more details. And Al Jasmi wrote: “Oh God, heal our patients and the sick of the worlds. Comments poured in … Read more

Julien Kang ♥ YouTuber JJ, the birth of a physical couple… public kiss

2023-05-19 15:05:44 Reporter Maara of Money Today | 2023.05.20 00:05 /Photo = YouTube channel ‘TMI Jieun’ video capture JJ, a YouTuber who produces exercise content, revealed that he is in a relationship with actor Julien Kang. On the 10th, JJ posted a video titled ‘I started dating’ on his YouTube channel ‘TMI Jieun’. The person … Read more

last minute physical problems

Colombians Abroad Everything pointed to his presence in the classic in Greece and at the last minute he got out of the duel. James Rodriguez Photo: @OlympiacosFC By: Writing Footballred February 25, 2023, 01:27 p.m. m. James Rodriguez has been making remarkable performances in Greece, where he has shown a good level in the Olympiakos. … Read more

“My father taught me medicine that I did not learn at the university in Madrid”

The A Estrada health center is hosting a very special visit today. This is Dr. Manuel Seco Fernández, who at 74 years old, and after 9 years of retirement, has decided on his own initiative to share his knowledge and experiences with the residents and students of the Estrada service. Thus, at 12:00, and arriving … Read more

Shabu is a deadly substance.. What are the physical and psychological symptoms of its addiction?

The Erada and Mental Health Complex in Riyadh confirmed that Shabu material The drug is fatal, affects the central nervous system, and is considered a very dangerous narcotic substance in general, and leads to rapid addiction from the first dose, and dysfunction of the body. The academy indicated that what the promoters are trying to … Read more