the epidemic continues to recede but is still present

While it started very early this season, the flu epidemic continues its long decline. However, several regions remain in the epidemic phase, according to health authorities. The flu epidemic continues to decline in mainland France, even if many regions remain affected and this episode has already reached an exceptionally long duration, the public health agency … Read more

It turned into a normal flu, so does the virus leave forever?

Finally, after 3 years of worrying, Corona seems to have given up, turning into a normal flu-like virus. The World Health Organization has announced that the risk of Covid-19 may decrease this year to an extent that it becomes similar to the risk of seasonal influenza. “I think we’re starting to get to a point … Read more

Neurons report infection to the brain

Tired, no appetite, simply sick: whether we have the flu or a nasty rhinovirus, all infections actually have some general symptoms in common. This stereotypical “being sick” is not caused by the infection – rather, the brain actively creates this condition itself when it learns that a virus is up to mischief. As now reported … Read more

the bronchiolitis ends but the flu is still circulating

Most metropolitan regions remain affected by the flu epidemic. The bronchiolitis epidemic, which mainly affects babies, is now over in mainland France, the Public Health Agency announced on Wednesday, noting also a decline in seasonal flu. «There are no longer any regions on epidemic or post-epidemic alert level in mainland France.“said Public Health France in … Read more

Consultant answers • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The infectious diseases consultant, Dr. Thamer Al-Khashan, revealed the details of the “tomato flu” disease, and is it considered a fatal disease? Al-Khashan said, during his interview with the “Ya Hala” program: “This disease is dangerous, and there are certain studies that have been conducted to verify this.” He added, “In some cases, … Read more

The mainland has entered a high-incidence period of “flu” (Figure)

The mainland has entered a period of high incidence of “flu”. (Image source: video screenshot) [Look at China, February 26, 2023](See Chinese reporter Yang Tianzi’s comprehensive report) The new crown epidemic in mainland China is still ongoing. Recently, students in primary and secondary schools in many places have developed fever symptoms.A stream“Currently causing panic among … Read more